4 Reasons Why SIP Trunking is the Perfect Match for UC Solutions

SIP trunking comes with many benefits – reduced telecom costs, cloud functionality and ease of capacity expansion are just a few. When paired with other communications solutions such as unified communications, businesses are able to seamlessly integrate those benefits with UC functionality such as desktop sharing or instant messaging. By extending your onsite UC solution with SIP trunking, you’ll be able to improve employee productivity, reduce costs and harness the flexibility of the cloud.

What is SIP Trunking?

ShoreTel SIP Trunk SIP Trunking is a way to deliver voice and media over the Internet. If your business phone system, or PBX, can connect to the Internet and use the SIP protocol to make calls over the Internet, then SIP trunking can be a means of delivering high quality, reliable digital voice services for your business without the cost of additional hardware.

There are many benefits associated with SIP Trunking, but here are our top four reasons why SIP trunking and UC are the perfect pair:

  1. Consistent Experience Across Offices

SIP trunking supports voice and media data so you can run your all communications efforts over the same network. By removing geographic barriers, you’ll be able to deliver a consistent experience across your different office locations and remote employees, and increase productivity by giving your employees access to the same systems and data.

  1. Improved Business Continuity

Carrier diversity and redundancy is a key benefit of SIP trunking. If an outage does occur, your business phone system will have access to multiple carriers through your SIP trunking provider’s network to ensure uptime. Top SIP trunking providers invest a great deal into their network to ensure automatic failovers that support disaster recovery needs. Plus, your vendor will manage all of the carrier relations and maintenance so you don’t have to.

  1. On-Demand Scalability

When your business grows or if you have seasonal fluctuations in call volume, you’ll likely need to add phone lines to support those changes. With SIP trunking, your telecom connectivity can quickly scale as you need it to. Call capacity can be increased on-demand to support unlimited concurrent calls, while ensuring you never pay for more than you need. Instead of forecasting advance installations and incurring the associated costs, all you’ll have to do is contact your provider to increase the number of trunks.

  1. Stepping Stone to Cloud

SIP trunking is a great alternative if you’re considering the cloud but aren’t quite ready to make the leap. By combining onsite UC solutions with SIP trunking, you’ll be able to maintain the control of your onsite solution while gaining cloud benefits such as flexibility to grow and simplified management.

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