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Eastern DataComm: ZeroNow’s Newest Industry Partner

Eastern DataComm is proud to announce that it has been accepted as the latest ZeroNow industry partner, joining this impactful organization in its mission to keep schools safer.

ZeroNow is a non-profit alliance that brings together stakeholders in school security to connect about experiences and develop new solutions to ensure schools remain secure. Teachers, security specialists, technology experts, and students all play a role in ZeroNow’s mission to bring school violence to zero.

Uniquely Positioned for Positive Impact

Eastern DataComm is not only passionate about ZeroNow’s mission, we’re also a uniquely qualified industry partner for ZeroNow.

As communications and safety solutions technology specialists, we’re experienced in providing schools across the country the technology solutions they need to safeguard their communities. From video surveillance and access control to emergency notification, environmental sensors, VoIP phone systems, and paging systems, our team has worked with schools for over three decades to help them better protect their students and staff. Each cutting-edge tech solution we provide is designed to integrate and improve the school safety ecosystem of every customer we serve.

Taking Steps to Make Schools Safer

ZeroNow has laid out a set of steps that guide the Path to Safer Schools. At Eastern DataComm our efforts mirror many of those steps as well.

Steps to Make Schools Safer

Our diagnostic and consultative process is designed to help school leaders and stakeholders assess potential gaps and vulnerabilities so that areas of need can be prioritized.

We design technology solutions that integrate so that the chance for human error is reduced and our customers can respond to threats as quickly as possible when every moment counts.

We work with our customers to explore potential sources of funding to cover costs for the enhancements they’ll need to improve their safety and communications infrastructure. Without an advisor in their corner, this process can prevent those who have never gone through a grant exploration or other funding search process from taking advantage of potential funding opportunities within their reach. We believe that nothing should stop our clients from ensuring the safety of their buildings and grounds. At every step in our process, the goal is the same: keep students, staff, and visitors connected and protected.

Putting Collaboration and Safety Planning at the Forefront

“ZeroNow is fully aware of the challenge to first responders when the call comes from a noisy environment and the caller is understandably panicked,” said Ara Bagdasarian, Co-Founder of ZeroNow. “Step Two on Zero Now’s Path to Safer Schools deals with assessing vulnerability, and we encourage every school to have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that covers what happens before, during, and after an emergency. Fast reporting saves lives, and Eastern DataComm’s focus on removing the human element from emergency communication processes eliminates a major obstacle to that.”

Putting Collaboration and Safety Planning at the Forefront

We share this commitment to preparedness and take it to heart. That’s why when we meet with customers, we approach their challenges with collaboration and a diagnostic eye to assess their areas of strength and need. Planning takes a holistic approach so that every aspect of their school safety ‘big picture’ – their ecosystem – is considered. And we ensure they know that working with us means they have more than a vendor, they have a trusted partner in protecting their schools and districts.

Cutting-Edge Solutions and Forward-Thinking Integrations

“Eastern DataComm is proud to join ZeroNow in its mission to increase the pace of innovation and investment in school safety. This mindset mirrors our own passion for keeping schools connected and protected through cutting-edge technology solutions that empower clear communication, especially during emergency events when every second counts.

“In addition to our own technology solutions, we share ZeroNow’s dedication to providing educational resources to our customers and partners. We understand the magnitude and reach their decisions have when it comes to protecting young minds and educators. We remain dedicated to assisting school leaders with that process by creating and sharing impactful safety and technology resources,” says Al Harnisch, CEO of Eastern DataComm.

Cutting-Edge Solutions and Forward-Thinking Integrations

Eastern DataComm believes in driving the industry forward with state-of-the-art technology, solutions that serve multiple functions within a school community like cellular repeaters, environmental sensors, clocks, paging systems, VoIP systems, access control, and video surveillance – solutions that make safety and communication accessible for all.

We also value helping our customers stay in-the-know and within compliance regulations for their state, as well as on a federal level. We look for opportunities to assist with funding technology improvements, helping them keep up with the pace of innovation, and allowing them to pave the way forward for uncompromised safety in their region. When it comes to building safety leadership with a vendor partner by their side to handle all of their physical security technology needs, schools look no further than Eastern DataComm. Because together, we can keep our schools safe. Read more about this exciting time for both ZeroNow and Eastern DataComm in this press release.

Connect with Eastern DataComm

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