Connected & Protected: Why Most Schools Are NOT Fully Prepared for an Active Shooter Event


Connected & Protected: Why Most Schools Are NOT Fully Prepared for an Active Shooter Event

A Conversation with Porzio Compliance Services’ Kevin Craig and Eastern DataComms’ Paul Jenne

The Latest Installment in Eastern DataComm’s Connected & Protected Webinar Series

Event Summary:

In the wake of the recent mass shooting tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, schools across the country are left asking the question, “How do we prevent this from happening again?”

Eastern DataComm’s Paul Jenne and Porzio Compliance Services’ Kevin Craig will co-present a webinar designed to assist school leaders in understanding how compliance and technology intersect to create safer schools and prevent future horrific events before they occur. 

The webinar format will be Q&A-style, as Paul and Kevin deconstruct an active shooter event from each of their perspectives to bring to light potential challenges schools face and the solutions each of their respective fields provide.

Our co-presenters will not only explore the key elements of the school safety ecosystem, but will examine the integral role both compliance and technology play when it comes to responding effectively to an emergency. 

The co-presenters will discuss:

  • Proactive prevention measures, response strategies
  • Required processes and protocols 
  • Safety and physical security technology infrastructure that schools can implement to reduce the chance of human error and ensure responses to imminent threats are handled swiftly and effectively when every second counts. 


  • 12 pm ET, Monday June 27th
  • 2 pm ET, Wednesday June 29th

Agenda at a Glance: 

  • Introductions:  Who Are Porzio Compliance Services and Eastern DataComm?
  • The School Safety Ecosystem: Elements and Key Considerations 
  • School Safety: Deconstructing an Active Shooter Event
  • The Integral Role of Compliance and Technology in Creating Safer Schools
  • Key Take-Away Summary
  • Audience Q&A

Duration – 60  minutes

Topics for Exploration:

This webinar will cover three core concepts related to fostering safer schools from both a compliance and technical perspective with the intent of providing school leaders with the insight they need to prevent future tragedies.

The School Safety Ecosystem: Elements and Key Considerations 

In this webinar, we’ll define the key aspects of the school safety ecosystem. We will discuss how holistic coverage and the interplay of components like procedures, protocols, and technology can work in unison to create a safer environment for learning and growth.

School Safety: Deconstructing an Active Shooter Event

Paul Jenne and Kevin Craig will dissect an active shooter event from both the compliance and the technological perspectives to help attendees understand the key components of these events. Our speakers will explore how future active shooter attempts  may be prevented through effective planning and response.

The Integral Role of Compliance and Technology in Creating Safer Schools

From lockdown drills and school safety plans to video surveillance and emergency notification systems, there are many elements to consider when it comes to fostering safer school campuses. 

Our co-presenters will explore the interplay between compliance and technology, including how to ensure swift, efficient response times when they’re needed most.

Intended Audience

This event will provide helpful information for key school district stakeholders including: 

  • K–12 Superintendents and Business Administrators
  • School District IT Professionals
  • School Safety and Security Professionals
  • Higher Education Administrators
  • Those entrusted with ensuring the safety of school district students, faculty, and staff within your district



Paul Jenne

Eastern DataComm Sales Manager & School Safety Advisor

Paul Jenne leads business development at Eastern DataComm, a safety and communications company that has served school districts, businesses, and municipalities for over 30 years. As a father of three, school safety is a topic that is near and dear to Paul’s heart. Paul has worked with hundreds of schools, teaching them how to create safer environments by leveraging effective technology. His goal is to help customers improve their day-to-day communications, but most importantly, assist them with finding cost-effective technological solutions to ensure they are best equipped to keep their communities safe.


Kevin Craig

Porzio Compliance Services Assistant Vice President of Safety, Security, and Investigations 

Kevin Craig is a recognized subject matter expert in law enforcement, management, and school security. He is a retired police chief with over 30 years of experience, a Licensed Private Detective, and is certified as a Public Manager, Police Instructor, School Safety Specialist, and School Resource Officer in New Jersey.

He is a certified instructor in Active Shooter Response, De-escalation, and Threat Assessment and an instructor for the NJ School Safety Specialist Academy in the NJ Department of Education. Chief Craig was appointed to the NJ School Security Task Force by the Governor of New Jersey as a subject matter expert.

Chief Craig is a member of the ASIS International School Safety and Security Council and Advisory Board Member and Senior Instructor for the NJ Association of School Resource Officers. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University where he instructs courses in emergency management, threat assessment, and crisis communication.

Chief Craig has conducted training, planning, and assessments for public and private schools, businesses, and faith-based institutions. He is regularly consulted as a subject matter expert on issues of school security and recently authored a book on school safety best practices.

A Special “Thank You” from Eastern DataComm: All Attendees Receive a Complimentary School Safety Consultation!

When you register for this educational experience, you will receive a complimentary School Safety Consultation with our School Safety Advisors.