Mitel’s Education Partner of the Year 2021

Honored With Mitel’s Education Partner Of The Year Award

Eastern DataComm is proud to announce that we’ve been named Mitel’s Education Partner of the Year!

Mitel, a global leader in business communications with users in over 100 countries, helps businesses and service providers connect and provide innovative services to their customers. Each year, Mitel recognizes the organizations that are leading the way with their Global Partner Awards.

These awards are given to companies with exceptional understanding of customer needs and unparalleled ability to provide innovative and customized solutions. These are two of the cornerstones of our work at Eastern DataComm. As such, we are truly honored to be recognized on a national level with this prestigious award for the work that we do for our customers in education.

Mitel’s Education Partner Of The Year Award

We take a diagnostic and consultative approach to school safety that allows our clients to receive customized safety and communications solutions tailored to their unique school and district needs. We recognize that when it comes to school safety, every second counts. Using technology systems and platforms that allow for swift, effective communication saves lives. Mitel has been and continues to be our trusted partner in this endeavour to help improve safety for schools throughout the nation. 

This year and every year, Eastern DataComm is committed to providing effective technology and communication solutions that keep schools as safe as possible. In addition to unparalleled on-premises phone solutions like Mitel phone systems, our team diligently examines the ever-evolving safety and communication needs of our customers in education. Not only do we partner with best-in-class industry giants, but we also develop innovations for the needs we see presented by our customers. LENS+OPTICS, our lockdown and emergency notification system, plus continuous monitoring service, is a primary example of the technology we outfit schools with to better safeguard their campuses.

We will continue to carry out our mission of developing and spreading technology that keeps our communities connected and protected – a commitment shared by Mitel. We are excited to continue our partnership with this cutting-edge, industry-leading company and look forward to making schools across the nation safer. 

To learn more about ways the right-fit phone system can better protect your campus or to schedule your complimentary School Safety Consultation, contact us here.