Protect Your Students and Staff in an Emergency

Immediately and automatically notify everyone on school or office grounds that an emergency event has commenced

Eastern DataComm has developed a comprehensive, automatic emergency notification system we call LENS (Lockdown and Emergency Notification System) that fully addresses a school district, office or municipality’s communication needs in the case of a lockdown, active threat or other emergency event.

Watch our Short Demo!

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“How quickly you respond to an incident is what saves lives.” Teresa Barna, Delaware Valley Regional High School District

What is LENS by Eastern DataComm?
  • One-Button Notification
    With the touch of a button, you can instantly and automatically notify everyone on school or office grounds that an active threat or other emergency situation has commenced.
  • Scalable, Integrated Technology
    The automatic alert and school safety solution is a flexible system that ties into several different technologies. It can grow and expand to work with existing infrastructure, and meet the challenging demands of today’s budgets.
  • Radio Wireless
    Components of this notification system are wireless (radio, not WiFi), allowing you to install strobe lights, additional speakers and sign boards in hard-to-wire locations including parking lots, outdoor common areas and athletic fields.
  • Automated Notification
    Emergency notification software can notify key administrators instantly when (and where) 911 is dialed or a lockdown is initiated. The system will also allow initiation of a “Shelter in Place” and “Building Evacuation” alerts.
  • Classroom/Office Phone Activation
    The system is designed so that any phone in the school or office can activate the system by simply dialing a 4-digit code. This puts activation points throughout the building - not just in the administration offices.