The way we perform business has changed, shouldn’t the way you keep everyone informed and safe  – whether they’re at their desk or on the move.
Whether you need to alert one individual of an isolated event or thousands of people of a critical situation, Mitel Revolution can help your organization overcome notification and communications challenges.

Mitel Revolution was built for the modern organization, embracing today’s mobile-centric world. With support for initiating alerts via mobile devices and confining notifications to a virtual geographic boundary, everyone that needs to be notified can be, whether they’re at a desk or on the move.

Built upon a fault-tolerant, adaptable architecture,

Mitel Revolution can be tailored to address your critical or non-critical notification needs. Plus, Mitel Revolution leverages a patented unicast to multicast technology, making its deployment cost-effective and straightforward by removing the need for your network to support multicast capabilities end-to-end or having to incur extra services fees to support it.

Additionally, Mitel Revolution’s cradle-to-grave analytics ensures you always have quick access to insight into the health of your system, enabling corrective actions to be taken immediately, if required.

Key Features
  • Support for media-rich push notifications to mobile devices for on- and off-premise notifications
  • Administrators can activate alerts directly from their iOS or Android mobile app
  • Geo-fencing for targeted alerts based on physical location
  • Desktop Override option prevents users from closing alerts until the event is terminated
  • Unicast to multicast technology removes the need to deploy multicast servers throughout the entire network
  • Integrates with automatic alerts from external CAP-enabled feeds, such as National Weather Service and AMBER Alert
  • Real-time reports and notification status analytics to quickly assess overall system health
  • Scales to support 10’s of thousands of devices