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EDC is happy to announce that our LENS (Lockdown and Emergency Notification System) solution was awarded a PEPPM contract

PEPPM LogoOur LENS solution incorporates patented technology to more effectively allow schools, libraries, municipalities or businesses to immediately and automatically notify everyone (inside and outside the buildings) that an emergency event has commenced.  The Eastern DataComm PEPPM bid contract includes our LENS solution and paging system parts, as well as professional services.

Components of our comprehensive and uniquely designed notification solution include flashing strobes/lights, LED sign boards, paging system announcements, phone system and PC alerts, calls to 911 and key administrators, as well as wireless strobes/lights and speakers. Eastern DataComm’s proprietary controller connects these components which can be activated during an emergency situation via dialing a code on any phone within the building, a ‘mushroom-style’ Lock Down plunger button in key locations, or optionally via an administrator’s smart phone app.

A demo of Eastern DataComm’s LENS solution can be viewed here.

Most schools are not fully prepared for a lockdown.  If you would like to discuss the safety needs for your school, please let me know. We would be happy to review the solution in detail, and discuss how we are able to improve your overall day-to-day and school safety communication.