Eastern DataComm Now Partnering with Talari to Provide Smart Wide Area Networks for their Clients

Eastern DataComm Now Partnering with Talari to Provide Smart Wide Area Networks for their Clients

Talari WANEastern DataComm is now offering Talari for their client base.  Talari Networks, Inc., the leading provider of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that help businesses perform brilliantly, fits seamlessly within Eastern DataComm’s suite of best-in-class communication solutions.

Talari is changing the way companies manage their WAN— and redefining workplace efficiency in the process. Through detailed one-way measurement of every packet combined with intelligent link aggregation, Talari delivers the SMARTS to proactively manage network capacity, reliability and performance. Packet-loss, latency and network outages are managed in real time and resolved without human intervention by routing packets across the best available link. Disruption of mission critical applications is avoided and the failure of any connection deftly side-stepped. And as a result, there’s time in the day for IT administrators to do more than simply troubleshoot. They can innovate, dreaming up the company’s next move and taking on a greater role in driving the future. A Thinking WAN makes every employee more productive so the entire company can be brilliant.

“Working with Talari Networks is a natural partnership for us.” said Al Harnisch, President at Eastern DataComm.  “Their real-time, packet-level intelligence to the network helps us to bring our clients increased capacity, improved reliability and lower costs to their WAN networks. We only partner with companies that fit our best-in-class methodology, and we are excited to offer this solution to the businesses and school districts that we work with.”

“As a leading communications provider in the North East, we are very excited to have Eastern DataComm join the Talari SMART Partner Program.” said Kevin Gavin, CMO at Talari Networks.  “We are looking forward to working with Eastern DataComm and help their clients build a better WAN using the Talari SD-WAN solution.”


About Eastern DataComm
Since 1988, Eastern DataComm continues to provide end-to-end solutions for a broad range of voice communications and data networking solutions including IP telephone systems, data networking, HD video conferencing, school safety solutions and cabling. As a gold partner with ShoreTel, we have provided solutions to over 1,000 small-to-medium businesses, school districts and libraries in New Jersey and the New York Metro area.  With achievement in exceeding the “World-Class” Customer Experience threshold in customer loyalty from ShoreTel we deliver effective, understandable solutions that help you work faster and easier, on time and within budget.

About Talari Networks
Talari, the leading provider of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions, is changing the way companies think about, create and manage their WAN by giving the network brainwidth. Only Talari’s THINKING WAN proactively manages capacity, reliability and performance, packet by packet—to keep critical applications running, reduce costs and liberate IT to innovate new ways for the company to be brilliant. To learn more about Talari, visit www.talari.com.

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