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Lockdown Notification System
Lockdowns: Alert and Go!

Introducing LENS by Eastern DataComm
Our Lockdown Emergency Notification System

With school and office shootings still fresh on the minds and hearts of parents and school officials, districts, institutions and offices continue to look for ways to better protect staff, students and teachers, alert authorities quicker and more effectively, and improve overall communications  – especially in a lockdown, active threat or other emergency situation.

Through our close work with over 100 schools and libraries, and over 1,000 businesses, we have developed a comprehensive notification system that fully addresses what a school district or office needs in the case of a lockdown event.  Watch a demo of our system!

The automatic NJ school safety solution is a flexible system that ties into several different technologies. It can grow and expand to work with existing infrastructure, and meet the challenging demands of today’s school budgets.  Our recommended solution harnesses the power of a ShoreTel telephone within each classroom or office, utilizing the special capabilities for handling emergency situations, the building-wide paging system, special “screen pops” on computer screens, and a wireless notification system with strobe lights, LED signs, speakers,  and prerecorded messages. It also includes options for providing a signal to perimeter control systems for doors and other building access points, as well as the ability for authorities to page into the school using a cell phone.

The office and school safety system will also allow initiation of a “Shelter in Place” and “Building Evacuation” alert for when those procedures need to be put in place.

Automatic Lockdown Event Initiation

  • Dialing a code on a ShoreTel telephone or,
  • Panic or emergency buttons mounted on a wall or placed under desks
  • App on smartphones

Lockdown System (LENS) Key Features

  • Place a call to 911 and the local Police department and play an automated announcement
  • Place a call to the cell phone of anyone else of authority (ex: School Superintendent)
  • Place calls to internal telephone extensions, playing an automated message informing them of which extension or button triggered the lockdown (up to 100)
  • A “screen-pop” lockdown alert on the PC of school officials (up to 100)
  • Repeated message played over all zones of the paging system with an alarm tone and a clear lockdown message (both internal and external speakers)
  • Wireless control of solar powered speakers and strobe lights– for remote sports fields, parking lots or other locations on the outskirts of a campus
  • Activate strobe lights installed on outside doors or loud areas such as the cafeteria and band room
  • Activate LED sign boards that show a message such as “SCHOOL IN LOCKDOWN” for alerts in the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria and other areas where visitors may be gathered
  • Provide a signal to perimeter control systems for doors and other building access points
  • Remote ability for authorities to page into the school using a cell phone
  • With optional software, a smart-device app can be used for lockdown status, which includes a color coded building map for law enforcement focus
  • One-button lockdown reset