The right cloud system powering your communications:  

  • Drives productivity.
  • Lowers operational costs.
  • Increases business opportunities.
  • CRM and business process integrations
  • Business communication continuity
  • Exceptional user experience

Always-On Communications
One of the best perks of utilizing cloud solutions is that your phone system or video conferencing system is “always on” even if your business isn’t. If your building is compromised by a natural disaster or inclement weather, you can always connect employees remotely.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Hackers, cyber-terrorists, natural disasters and manmade disasters are no match for the Cloud. Consolidate your hardware infrastructure or become completely hardware independent with a virtual disaster recovery and business continuity solution. With the right partner, you can centralize your recovery plan in a seamless, redundant environment at a fraction of the cost of of traditional disaster recovery on-premise solutions.

Proven Flexibility

Additionally, the foundation we provide allows you to choose the best option for your organization: an upgrade that doesn’t require a capital investment, instant access to new features, deploying products across locations and easy integration with business apps like Salesforce to monitor metrics that improve business efficiency and customer service.

Safe Cloud Solutions

With proven partners like Mitel Cloud Solutions and RingCentral, we provide businesses with the seamless cloud systems they need, without worrying about security breaches.

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