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Streamlined, Cost-Effective Infrastructure Needs

Our foundation in data networking and infrastructure needs helps us deliver the solutions to problems businesses face. With a congruent, agile infrastructure, we can seamlessly integrate your communications systems on top of the wiring and cabling, so it works efficiently and reliably from the get-go.

Building Wiring

Voice and data cabling solutions can span an entire building to a single cable. We take pride in our work and it shows in the streamlined, compact infrastructure of cables we install. Our best-in-class services include:

  • Terminate Telco Cable
  • Category 5
  • Category 6
  • Fiber Optic

Cable Certification

  • We run complete 100 MHz testing on new and existing cabling to troubleshoot problems.
  • Testing includes an easy-to-read and understand report, which includes results on each cable.
  • We use the baseline test to address future problems and concerns.

Cable Management

We carefully plan out the system of cables and wiring that will run through your building, taking into consideration how each individual cable will interact with the others, and future wires as well. The result is a great-looking system of cables. It not only looks clean and neat, but it results in a functional, usable wiring system upon which you can easily build more infrastructure.