Improve Communications for School Safety to Help Keep Your Students, Teachers and Employees Safe!


The most important aspect in emergency response is communication. Are you prepared?

Attend our educational event to learn about emergency and lockdown solutions, safety & security risks, incident communications and more.

Lock Down Button Topics covered during our event:

  • Safety & security best practices recommended by the State of New Jersey
  • Avoiding common wasteful investments in technology that do little to improve overall safety and security
  • The importance of the 20-second emergency incident response time
  • What 3 important principles all schools must follow when purchasing technology for lockdowns and emergency events

How do we address these problems?

  • Emergency communication systems – purpose built hardware vs. internet software
  • Wireless vs. wired devices for complete building and grounds coverage
  • Why security cameras are important for an emergency notification solution, but should not be the core component
  • Integrating emergency and safety communications on a unified platform
  • Steps to triggering an emergency communications system
  • Funding – grants and other opportunities

If safety is a concern within your district or municipality, you won’t want to miss this event!