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School Board’s Guide to Safer Schools in NJ

JANUARY 16TH, 2020
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“The ability to communicate quickly and effectively often is central to a successful response
to an active shooter incident.” -Federal Commission on School Safety


Join NJSBA, ELFNJ and EASTERN DATACOMM for an in-depth training session on multiple aspects to improve SCHOOL SAFETY!

Four Sessions


Policies & Procedures


Alyssa’s Law

Individual Academy Credits:  4
Other Professional Development Credit:  1


Walk away with the following knowledge:

  • What Alyssa’s Law really says, its intentions, and the implications of this law on New Jersey school districts

  • Best practices regarding procedures for responding to active shooter events including ALICE training and similar protocols

  • How to utilize existing technology infrastructure when improving school safety and the three principles to follow when purchasing emergency notification solutions

  • How to effectively lead your district to create a culture of safety in your schools

Training will encompass multiple aspects for improving school safety.  We will be focusing on practical and effective best practice procedures for responding to these events as well as purchasing the right technology.  We will also delve into the importance of leadership within the district to build a culture of safety among teachers, students and staff.  Finally , we will discuss Alyssa’s Law and how it’s being interpreted by the state and its implications on New Jersey schools. 

Keynote Presenter:  Mr. Louis Pepe
Presenters include fellow administrators & NJ School Safety Experts.
Learn more about out Presenters. 


If safety is a concern within your district, you won’t want to miss this training!



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