Protect Your STudents: A School and NEtwork Safety Seminar

An educational event to discuss solutions to one of the most important topics facing school districts today – student safety!

Co-hosted by Pascack Data Services and Dell


Improve communications to help keep your students, teachers and staff safe in an emergency event.

Policy and procedures, and the systems and technology used to execute those procedures, are the core of successful school safety plans.

However, technology is such a broad topic. Recent recommendations issued by the New Jersey School Security Task Force have included improving response times to emergencies and improving school-based emergency communications capabilities. What technologies are best utilized to implement these measures? How do we support our existing emergency procedures?

In addition, are your students and network safe from hackers? Join this interactive discussion as we walk through the current threat landscape and see what hackers can do to your school network without anyone realizing you have been hacked.

Network Safety Topics:

  • One-to-one initiatives and security solutions
  • How to manage security for students and teachers bringing their own devices to school (BYOD)
  • A live demonstration from Dell Security Experts who manage and conquer these threats on a daily basis.

Lockdown & School Safety Topics:

  • Safety & security best practices recommended by the State of New Jersey
  • The importance of the 20-second emergency incident response time
  • What 3 important principles all schools must follow when purchasing technology for lockdowns and emergency events
  • Avoiding common wasteful investments in technology that do little to improve overall safety and security in schools.
  • Lockdown Emergency Notification System to easily put your school in Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place, or Evacuation automatically through the touch of a button.
  • How the notification system is wireless, allowing schools to install strobe lights, additional speakers and sign boards in hard-to-wire locations including parking lots and athletic fields.
  • How Emergency Notification software can notify key administrators instantly when 911 is dialed or a lockdown is initiated.

Seminars are 11:00am – 1:30pm.
Lunch will be served. 

Registration will be from 10:30am – 11:00am. 

April 19, 2016

Maggiano’s at Bridgewater
600 Commons Way
Bridgewater, NJ 08807



If safety is a concern within your district,
you won’t want to miss this free event!

Understand security trends and the tools available to your school to stop attackers in their tracks.

Learn how you can notify everyone in your school (inside and outside) within 20 seconds that a lockdown has commenced.

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