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ShoreTel Connect

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ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky services integrates time-saving tools that truly unify your business communications! Increase employee productivity with voice mails transcribed as text messages, and access fax messages anywhere!

Embrace innovative cloud-delivered applications with the ease and scalability of applications as a service. ShoreTel Connect is a hybrid VoIP solution that adds new services quickly and easily.

It’s a scalable model – a la carte and on demand! Buy and keep only what you need. Add services where and when they are needed. Services are always up-to-date. No hardware, integration or maintenance required!

ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky SCRIBE

  • Less time needed to review messages.
  • Messages transcribed to readable text in email.
  • High transcription accuracy.
  • Greater access via handheld devices from any location.
  • Read your voicemails on smartphones, tables, PCs, Macs!
  • Easy to prioritize and respond to urgent messages.

ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky FAX

  • Access to faxes from anywhere.
  • Receive faxes on smartphones, tablets, MACs, PCs in any location.
  • Fax documents directly from PC.
  • Simplify communications: Few machines & dedicated lines.
  • Protect sensitive information: No more private information in fax trays and retain a digital copy as backup.

Get ready for hybrid cloud services – get ready for ShoreTel Connect

Call. Text. Share. Collaborate. CONNECT.

ShoreTel Connect Lets You Focus on Getting Your Work Done, Not on Getting Technology to Work

Finally there's a business communications system that works as hard and as fast as you do.

ShoreTel's innovative business phones, collaboration tools, application integrations, mobility and contact center applications empower organizations and people to work smarter and stay connected, no matter the time, place or device.

ShoreTel business communications solutions are highly scalable, reliable and secure. Best of all, they eliminate the expensive complexity that's found in other phone system solutions.

Why ShoreTel?

  • Easiest to deploy, use, manage & scale
  • Scales to any size—never rip & replace
  • One solution for all deployments: cloud, onsite or hybrid
  • Lowest TCO means highest value in business communications
  • Benefit from our 20 years in IP telephony leadership
ShoreTel Connect
Hello Connect

Say "Good-bye" to phone system frustration. Get brilliantly simple. Get ShoreTel Connect.

Can your business communications system do this?

ShoreTel Connect offers a powerful, easy way to stay connected everywhere, always. More than just phone service, Connect includes a streamlined app that includes IM, conferencing, online meetings and video on your desktop and mobile devices.

Product Demonstration Videos

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD


A hosted, managed VoIP phone service with an experience users love.

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is a premium VoIP business phone service that every department in your company will love. Discover the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD difference: an exceptional user experience that presents the robust system features in an entirely user-friendly way. It’s an end-to-end service from phones to software to premium customer service, and it’s so easy to provision that it’s practically plug-and-play. Built-in operational redundancies assure high availability and business communications continuity; Secure Real-time Transfer Protocol ensures your service is always highly secure.

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE


On-premises unified communications and business phone systems.

Discover the ShoreTel Connect ONSITE difference: an exceptional user experience that presents robust system features in an entirely user-friendly way. Distributed architecture that assures business communications continuity. An outstanding management interface that saves time and money, and line of business integrations that make time and money. All with the lowest total cost of ownership of any on-premises system.

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID


ShoreTel® Connect HYBRID solutions provision new communications features on demand, integrate diverse deployments, maximize up-time, and leverage the strengths of onsite and cloud deployments

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID combines the immediacy and convenience of managed service subscriptions delivered via the cloud with the solid performance and control of an on-premises system deployment. The result is a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment.

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID

ShoreTel Connect Contact Center


ShoreTel Connect Contact Center provides inbound, outbound and blended solutions that enable you to build positive customer relationships—without costing a fortune

No matter what size your business, you know that customer satisfaction is tied to repeat business and your company’s reputation. Personalizing your service opens the opportunity to upsell and cross sell, and having staff available at the times your customers want to reach you can earn loyalty.

The right contact center can make it easy to optimize your resources, improve response times, route calls effectively, and access account data– so customers feel valued and trust your brand.


  • Easy to manage and administer
  • Customizable multi-channel routing for improved customer service
  • Increased agent utilization with agents handling multiple interactions simultaneously
  • Integrated with CRM and ERP apps for superior business intelligence
  • Comprehensive historical reporting
  • High availability and built-in disaster recovery
ShoreTel Connect Contact Center

ShoreTel Connect Advanced Applications


Extend the functionality of ShoreTel Connect

Application integration can deliver on the promise of unified communications by tying organizational communications into core business processes. These innovative solutions help to increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and profitable enterprise, increasing the return on investment of both the communications platform and the customer's existing business applications.

ShoreTel Connect Advanced Applications

Call. Text. Share. Collaborate. CONNECT.

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