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ShoreTel Connect

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ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky services integrates time-saving tools that truly unify your business communications! Increase employee productivity with voice mails transcribed as text messages, and access fax messages anywhere!

Embrace innovative cloud-delivered applications with the ease and scalability of applications as a service. ShoreTel Connect is a hybrid VoIP solution that adds new services quickly and easily.

It’s a scalable model – a la carte and on demand! Buy and keep only what you need. Add services where and when they are needed. Services are always up-to-date. No hardware, integration or maintenance required!

ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky SCRIBE

  • Less time needed to review messages.
  • Messages transcribed to readable text in email.
  • High transcription accuracy.
  • Greater access via handheld devices from any location.
  • Read your voicemails on smartphones, tables, PCs, Macs!
  • Easy to prioritize and respond to urgent messages.

ShoreTel Connect for ShoreTel Sky FAX

  • Access to faxes from anywhere.
  • Receive faxes on smartphones, tablets, MACs, PCs in any location.
  • Fax documents directly from PC.
  • Simplify communications: Few machines & dedicated lines.
  • Protect sensitive information: No more private information in fax trays and retain a digital copy as backup.

Get ready for hybrid cloud services – get ready for ShoreTel Connect

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