Eastern DataComm helps make schools safer with emergency notification systems.

Eastern DataComm provides school districts with end-to-end solutions for a range of safety and communications needs including emergency notification systems, VoIP phone systems, paging systems, video surveillance, access control, wireless networks, data networks, and wiring and cabling.

We have over 30 years of experience designing, installing, and supporting safety and communications solutions for hundreds of schools, businesses, and municipalities. Our solutions are designed and implemented with one purpose:

To keep our customers safe and able to communicate rapidly when every second counts.

The LENS + OPTICS Solution

When it comes to school safety, every second counts. In an emergency, how quickly and effectively you communicate danger can help save lives. Today, many schools have procedures in place to respond to threats such as an active shooter, lockdown, or other emergency situations. However, most do not have integrated technology to notify everyone on school property as well as the local authorities of that threat. 

Eastern DataComm brings you LENS (Lockdown & Emergency Notification System) + OPTICS (our Continuous Monitoring Service) as the solution to this challenge. LENS+OPTICS allows you to immediately alert everyone during an urgent situation. At the press of a button, school districts can automatically initiate a lockdown, evacuation, or shelter-in-place during an active threat or any other emergency situation.

For more information on Emergency Notification Solutions by Eastern DataComm, CLICK HERE.

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