Turning Collaboration from Buzzword to Competitive Advantage

woman According to Techaisle’s 2017 Top 10 SMB (small to midsize business) Business Issues, IT Priorities and IT Challenges report, the No. 2 IT priority is collaboration, behind the cloud and ahead of mobility and security. That’s a pretty powerful statement.

Smaller organizations, on average, are saying that the ability of IT to support business collaboration is a higher priority in 2017 than mobile and security solutions.

Collaboration is one of those terms that’s used frequently in meetings and presentations under the assumption that everyone defines it in the same way. One of the reasons why collaboration is mentioned so often these days is that technology has removed many of the barriers to collaboration. However, collaboration is much more than any one technology tool.

From a business perspective, collaboration is the ability to improve team productivity, efficiency, alignment and management through ongoing communication, regardless of location. This makes it possible to work together to achieve business objectives. Collaboration involves communication via phone, video and audio conferencing, instant messaging, text and presence, as well as file sharing and management. Although these tools are helpful individually, they’re most effective when integrated because users can manage collaborative tasks and data through the same interface.

When approached strategically, collaboration can have a direct impact on an SMB’s bottom line by putting everyone on the same page. When everyone knows their role and responsibilities, as well as the end goal and how to achieve it, business processes become more efficient. Errors, and the time and resources required to fix them, are dramatically reduced, and information is accessible to all who need it.

Collaboration breaks down barriers between business silos and makes geographic location a non-issue. It also enables organizations to learn and leverage their employees’ strengths and work around their weaknesses. When processes are more efficient and projects are tailored to the strengths of each employee, more work gets done more quickly, leading to more satisfied customers.

ShoreTel Connect Collaboration software works seamlessly with your ShoreTel IP phone system so you can use features like instant messaging, audio conferencing, HD-quality video, and desktop sharing from the same interface. Instead of juggling different applications for every communications channel, each with a different login, all collaboration apps and tasks are unified and managed on one screen. This allows you to focus on getting work done instead of getting technology to work.

With ShoreTel Connect Collaboration, you can call or join a meeting with one click and use an agenda timer to keep your meeting from going off the rails. Share files and deliver presentations from virtually any device. Maintain a sortable, searchable history of interactions with each team member. ShoreTel Connect Collaboration is easy use and can be integrated with popular business applications to streamline workflows.

To turn collaboration from a buzzword into a competitive advantage, you need technology that brings all communications channels and data to the same platform. Let us show you how ShoreTel Connect Collaboration helps you improve how you do business by enabling your team to work together as one cohesive unit.