One of the key components to mitigate loss of life in an active shooter scenario is response time.
In this educational webinar, we will first explain the challenges a school faces during a lockdown or active shooter event and why most schools are not fully prepared to respond to the event. Then, we will discuss the three principles all technology solutions must meet to be effective during a lockdown. Next, we’ll explore how to leverage existing communications technology already used in your district to improve the effectiveness of emergency notifications. Finally, we will showcase a live demonstration of the types of technology solutions that improve both day-to-day communications, as well as emergency notification to ensure your school is best prepared for a lockdown.

Agenda :

  • Explore Commonly Occurring Limitations Schools Face with Their Communications Technologies
  • Examine the 3 Key Principles an Emergency Notification Solution needs to be effective during a lockdown or active shooter event
  • Discuss Leveraging Existing Communications Technologies to Improve Emergency Notification Effectiveness
  • Demonstrate the Lockdown and Emergency Notification System (LENS) Solution
  • Live Q&A

Learning Objectives :

By participating in this session, you will gain insight as to :

  • Why most schools are not fully prepared for a lockdown
  • How real-life active shooter events unfold
  • The two critical components needed for an effective emergency plan
  • The 3 principles every emergency notification solution must have to be effective during an active shooter or lockdown event
  • How to leverage existing communications technology to improve and streamline emergency notification

Intended Audience :

  • Superintendents/Heads of School
  • Anyone responsible for school safety in their districts
  • Business Administrators/CFOs
  • Security Directors
  • Principals
  • Facilities Directors/Operations Managers
  • IT Directors/CTOs
Bio Picture

Speaker Bio

Paul Jenne, School Safety Specialist, leads business development at Eastern DataComm, a safety and communications company that has served the educational community for over 20 years. Over the years, Paul has worked with hundreds of schools. He teaches them how to create a safer environment using effective technology. His goal is to help school districts improve their day-to-day communications, but most importantly, assist them with finding cost-effective technology solutions that ensure their school communities are kept safe.

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All registrants are eligible for a complimentary School Safety Consultation with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) from the Eastern DataComm Safety & Communications team. Click the button to complete your request form.