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28JAN:  How to Improve School Safety
Beyond Alyssa’s Law

10FEB:  Evaluating Your School’s Physical
Security Strategy

25FEB:  Intercom/Paging Systems, Everything You Need to Know

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Video Surveillance

Scalable, secure and easy-to-use solution for schools, SMBs and multi-facility organizations.

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An industry leader for onsite and cloud communications to connect, collaborate and provide a better experience.

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It’s CRITICAL You Learn How to Keep students AND STAFF safe with our cost-effective technology solutions

NJ State approved Co-op #65MCESCCPS

Bid term: 7/27/18-7/26/22 ESCNJ web address:  www.escnj.us Bid title:  Emergency Notification System Bid #: ESCNJ 18/19-16

  • VoIP Business Phone Systems

    VoIP Phone

    Get a premise or hosted/cloud
    business VoIP phone system and unified communications tailored to your unique needs.

  • Networking and Cabling Solutions

    & Cabling

    Streamline your infrastructure and reduce network downtime with our networking and cabling expertise.

  • Wireless Networking


    Get the mobility you need to work, teach and communicate from anywhere on any device, all the time.

  • Emergency

    Immediately and automatically alert everyone on school or office grounds of a lockdown, active threat or other emergency event.

  • Phone and Video Cloud Solutions


    Manage program software, and phone and video system hardware seamlessly with our space-saving solutions.

  • Lockdown and Emergency Notification System by Eastern DataComm