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School Safety Seminar Eastern DataComm

Why Most Schools are NOT Fully Prepared for a LOCKDOWN:  
 Walk away with actionable
 ideas to improve school safety.

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Save money on capital expenditures, increase mobility and integrate with your business applications.

Video Surveillance Business | Eastern DataComm

Video Surveillance

Scalable, secure and easy-to-use solution for schools, SMBs and multi-facility organizations.

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ShoreTel is now part of Mitel

The combination of Mitel and ShoreTel offers more opportunities and greater possibilities. Please contact us today to discuss the opportunities for your business.

It’s CRITICAL You Learn How to
Keep students AND STAFF safe with

our cost-effective
technology solutions

Ready to Switch to a Single
for All of Your
Communication Challenges?

With more than 200 years of combined experience diagnosing, designing and installing communications and business phone system solutions, and 13 years as a gold-enabled ShoreTel partner, we recommend the best products for your technology problems.

  • VoIP Business Phone Systems

    VoIP Phone

    Get a premise or hosted/cloud
    business VoIP phone system and unified communications tailored to your unique needs.

  • Networking and Cabling Solutions

    & Cabling

    Streamline your infrastructure and reduce network downtime with our networking and cabling expertise.

  • Wireless Networking


    Get the mobility you need to work, teach and communicate from anywhere on any device, all the time.

  • Emergency

    Immediately and automatically alert everyone on school or office grounds of a lockdown, active threat or other emergency event.

  • Phone and Video Cloud Solutions


    Manage program software, and phone and video system hardware seamlessly with our space-saving solutions.