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We work hard to provide effective technology and communications solutions to keep schools as safe as possible. We’re honored to receive this recognition and will continue to carry out our mission of developing and spreading technology that safeguards our communities.

Optimized Emergency Alert Systems and Communications
Solutions With a Focus on Safety

Best-in-Class Emergency Alert Systems for Schools,
Businesses, and Municipalities


A Focus on Safety

Reduce the space for human error and opportunity for mistakes by taking advantage of clear emergency communication technology solutions.


Peace of Mind

Utilize comprehensive and integrated emergency infrastructure and notification systems that you can rely on and put your mind at ease.


Seamless Installation

Experience smooth integration and installation, no matter the scale of the project, with less hassle and stress. We’re here to alleviate your headaches.

Prioritize Safety Every Single Day With LENS+OPTICS

You may already have lockdown or emergency notification policies and procedures in place. But can you rely on this technology for seamless communication during these stressful events when every second counts? Outdated, antiquated systems simply cannot effectively and quickly deliver notifications and alerts in the event of an emergency. Relying on an individual to properly activate complex systems can take time and could result in late emergency notifications, possibly further delaying the arrival of first responders. Leveraging the best-in-class technology enables rapid response and removes the possibility human error, which can make all the difference in the world during an active shooter or other emergency event.

Updating your current emergency alert system to our Lockdown & Emergency Notification System (LENS), along with our continuous monitoring service, OPTICS, will help you safeguard your staff, students, and community. Our solution is custom fit to the unique needs of your school, business, or municipality. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter technology options when a tailored approach leads to the safest and most effective solution possible.

Emergency Alert Systems MUST Focus on the 3 Principles of Safety



To have the greatest impact on mitigating damage and devasting events, it is imperative for a technological solution to issue rapid communications during lockdown or active shooter events. Once initiated, the LENS+OPTICS Solution deploys emergency notifications within seconds.



Mistakes happen, but automation prevents the opportunity for these costly errors and provides the ability for rapid communication when it matters most. LENS+OPTICS is a fully automated solution. Once the lockdown sequence is initiated, the potential for human error is removed from the equation.

Networking and Infrastructure

Complete Coverage

Auditory and visual emergency announcements need to cover the entire grounds, both inside and outside the buildings. No matter where someone might be on campus, they must be made aware of the emergency notification. You also need to get the word out to law enforcement and first responders. Our team customizes your LENS+OPTICS solution to ensure you have total, comprehensive coverage you can rely on.

LENS+OPTICS: The Technology Solution for a Safer Future

LENS (Lockdown and Emergency Notification System) is Eastern DataComm’s comprehensive solution for safety in schools, universities, city and municipality buildings, libraries, and more. Using the latest technology in telecommunications, organizations will be able to react quickly to threats, including active shooters.

To ensure that your LENS Solution is running optimally, OPTICS continuously monitors the components that enable your lockdown and emergency notification system. As best described by our customers, this factor yields the greatest peace of mind – knowing that your buildings and grounds are best prepared to handle the worst.

LENS + OPTICS Technology for Safer Future

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We’re Here with You Every Step of the Way

Eastern DataComm is committed to providing your organization with a cost-effective and streamlined solution to suit your unique safety and communication needs and challenges. With our technology, we equip you to meet the demands of tomorrow – seamlessly.

Our solutions go beyond the features and the capabilities of the products we install. We work hard to provide you with a premier customer experience by delivering a complete turnkey solution to ensure smooth installation and full, coherent integration into your network.

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Eastern DataComm Makes the Difference for Your Safety and Communications Solutions

With over 30 years of experience providing safety and communication technology solutions to schools, businesses, cities, municipalities, and universities, Eastern DataComm understands the ever-evolving challenges our customers face when charged with ensuring the safety of all who visit their grounds. Our team tailors solutions to fit your safety and communication needs, helping you to keep costs within budget, timelines on target, and your staff supported by our expert customer service team and technicians. Whether you’re a school district, a growing municipality, or anything in between, Eastern DataComm is here to provide you the technology resources, products, and services that keep your community safe.

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