Environmental Sensor Solutions

Environmental Sensor Solutions for Schools, Businesses & Municipalities

Whether you’re looking to keep a high air quality index for your school, business, or municipality, put an end to vaping in bathrooms and locker rooms, or prevent food spoilage and overheating IT equipment, leveraging technological advancements in the form of environmental sensors greatly improves your campus’s safety profile.

These sensors help organizations monitor behaviors and the health and safety conditions of their buildings by tracking everything from the presence or absence of gasses, particulate matter, and humidity, to the temperature of a room and even motion, aggression, tampering, and gunshots.

At Eastern DataComm, we provide our customers with the guidance needed to ensure they select the environmental sensor solutions that are the right fit to address their challenges. Furthermore, our capable technicians and customer service representatives ensure a seamless installation and ongoing support as needs evolve.

Environmental Sensor Solutions

The Benefits of Environmental Sensors

An All-in-One Solution

Environmental sensors are all-in-one sensors that provide vital information on everything from the temperatures of IT equipment and food storage areas to potential vaping incidents and air quality alerts. Because these solutions offer an all-in-one approach without the need to manage multiple devices, there is a lower total cost of ownership.

Simple to Set up and Use

Simplicity is key. Environmental sensors are easy to set up and intuitive to use. Alleviate concerns about downtime or additional strains on your IT department by working with our Eastern DataComm team to select the environmental sensor solution that will serve your needs best. Our solutions empower users to navigate notifications and alerts with ease.

Fewer False Alarms

Experience fewer false positives by using several sensors and advanced analytics. With multiple, strategically placed environmental sensors, you can easily monitor for various health and safety needs.

Cut Down on Your Response Time

These sensors allow your internal stakeholders, like technology administrators and support staff, to remotely access insights and alerts in real-time, which cuts down response times exponentially.

Benefit from Integrating with Your Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions

At the touch of a button, you can pair your cameras and access control solutions with your environmental sensors to get a more in-depth understanding of what’s going on within your building. That can make all the difference when it comes to responding to a variety of circumstances from daily routines to emergencies.

Environmental Sensors for Vape and Smoke Detection

Monitoring air quality for the health and safety of your community is becoming an increasing concern for school, business, and government leaders. Environmental sensors can also facilitate adherence to rules and regulations you have in place for students, staff, administrators, visitors, and all others who frequent your campus. Vape, THC, vape masking, and smoke detection, coupled with vigilant staff, educators, and school leaders, can address, deter, and even prevent on-campus vaping and smoking. Integration with your video surveillance system only makes this detection technology that much greater of a policy enforcement and violation deterrent tool.

Environmental Sensors for Vape and Smoke Detection
Environmental Sensors for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Environmental Sensors for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Providing safe environmental conditions is a must for any school, business, or municipal leader. Not only do you risk the health of your community members if you do not take proper measures to address environmental wellness concerns, but you could also face potential legal and financial implications if neglected. The concentration of pollutants is 2–5x more indoors than outside. That can lead to health concerns like dizziness, sore throat, fatigue, and headaches. Indoor air quality monitoring improves health by evaluating CO2, PM2.5, and other air quality essentials.

Environmental Sensors for Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temps of on-campus refrigeration and freezers to maximize food freshness, avoiding potential waste and health risks. Additionally, leveraging this type of environmental sensor allows you to monitor temperature and humidity in areas containing key IT resources. This protects valuable IT infrastructure, preventing damage and costly downtime.

Environmental Sensors for Temperature Monitoring

Sensors to Meet All Your Needs

Your organization’s needs are unique, and we recognize how important a tailored approach is to providing you with the tech solutions that make the most sense for your community. Our Eastern DataComm team will consult with you to assess what sensors will help you reach your safety and physical security goals.

In addition to evaluating how you’ll use your sensors, we’ll also determine how your environmental sensors can integrate with your existing technology solutions (like video surveillance solutions and access control systems) to help you get a comprehensive picture of exactly what’s going on in real-time within your buildings whenever you get an alert from one of your sensors.

The result is on-demand peace of mind and the ability to respond as effectively as possible.

Here are some ways environmental sensors can help you keep your buildings safer and healthier.

Environmental Sensors
Environmental Sensors to Meet All Needs
  • Tamper detection
  • Detecting temperature and relative humidity of IT devices and infrastructure and server rooms
  • Motion detection
  • Aggression detection
  • Gunshot detection
  • Occupancy monitoring of meeting rooms, classrooms, and large occupancy areas like auditoriums and gymnasiums
  • Noise monitoring
  • Carbon dioxide,
  • Detecting temperature and relative humidity of food and beverages
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Air quality index
  • Presence of particulates
  • TVOC
  • Vape detection
  • THC detection
  • Vape masking detection
  • Smoking detection
  • Barometric pressure monitoring
  • Formaldehyde level monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide

The number of sensors you’ll need will depend on what information you’re trying to understand about your environment and what locations you need to observe.

The number of sensors and proper locations within those environments will be determined by our safety advisors at Eastern DataComm to ensure you’re getting the information you need.

The environmental sensor proactively notifies you when a certain condition is met. The advantage of pairing it with your video surveillance system is that you can use the cameras to remotely view what is occurring in real time that may be affecting the environment.

When it comes to vaping, for example, you certainly cannot put cameras in the bathrooms. But a camera right outside of a bathroom can record who walked in just before the sensor detects vaping, giving you meaningful insight that can be used for corrective action.


Environmental sensors can be calibrated for motion detection, aggression detection, gunshot detection, and other safety risks.

They can also be used to address health risks by detecting things like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature, nitrogen dioxide, air quality index, barometric pressure, and formaldehyde levels.

That said, the lists on this page are not exhaustive. So, even if you have a concern you don’t see listed here, you can always reach out to our Eastern DataComm team to determine which environmental sensor solution is the right fit to address your needs.

Make Environmental Sensors Part of Your Campus Safety Plan

If you’d like to explore how environmental sensors could improve the health and safety of your buildings and grounds, contact us today for a Complimentary Consultation.