Wired/Wireless Networks and Infrastructure

The Power of Connectivity with Wired/Wireless Network Solutions for Schools, Businesses & Municipalities

In today’s world, we all expect fast, dependable, always-accessible connectivity regardless of where we are working. Along with these demands, there are ever-increasing challenges around data security and cyber threats. 

At Eastern DataComm, we understand the needs and concerns of your business, municipality, or school district. We’ve partnered with cutting-edge technology suppliers to deliver secure wired and wireless solutions that perform beyond your expectations.

Wired and Wireless Solutions

At Eastern DataComm, we employ a consultative approach with our customers who span across education, business, and government sectors. Our team works collaboratively with those we serve to diagnose potential issues and provide a structured process where we develop customized solutions that deliver:

  • Best-in-class network performance
  • Costs savings and the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Simplicity in installation and management
  • Flexibility to meet ever-changing demands
  • Visibility and control over what and who is on your network
  • Enhanced overall experiences for all users

Cellular Repeater Solutions

Another excellent way to enhance your wired and wireless solutions within your buildings is by using cellular repeaters. Cellular repeaters move cell signals through your buildings so that areas that don’t typically have the best coverage (stairwells, concrete parking structures, and poor reception corners in your older buildings) can receive optimal coverage.

Using cellular repeaters ensures that mobile devices and other wireless solutions work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Cellular repeaters also help you prevent issues with:

  • Wireless dead zones
  • Loss of call clarity
  • Dropped or interrupted calls
  • Slow cell data transfers
Cellular Repeater Solutions

This can make a world of difference when it comes to your building-wide communications connectivity, as well as your safety, by ensuring you’re operating with total coverage and a scalable solution that can grow with you.

And at Eastern DataComm, we know that dead zones can lead to difficulties when it comes to emergency response as well as day-to-day communications like announcements, phone calls, and other wireless communications. So, we’ll help you integrate cellular repeaters with your other communications and safety solutions so everything works together seamlessly. That way, you can further ensure that your technology ecosystem keeps your community fully connected and protected.

We offer these vital solutions to our clients across New Jersey, Connecticut, and downstate New York. To learn more, contact us here for a Complimentary Consultation.

Eastern DataComm: Helping You Address Your Wired And Wireless Network Infrastructure Challenges

Network Solutions by Eastern DataComm deliver results

For over 30 years, Eastern DataComm has been changing the way schools, businesses, and municipalities plan, implement, and maintain their wired and wireless network.

Our team applies a strategic approach to solve problems our customers encounter.

When designing network solutions, our team ensures that all wiring and cabling is installed and certified for optimal performance.

You can rely on our customer support team of technicians and engineers for ongoing support as your system needs evolve over time.

The Eastern DataComm team provides our customers assistance with:


We take a holistic approach to designing both our wired and wireless solutions. The methods we apply include properly surveying the site to ensure adequate coverage, as well as gathering requirements for use from customers up-front. From there, we design solutions that best address those precise needs. With the increasing rise of cyber threats, our systems are always designed with network security being a top priority.


Our team has deep understanding of how best to address wiring and cabling (both copper and fiber) needs for existing space, new construction or additions to previous buildings, and changes to spaces resulting from retrofittings or redesigns.

To conclude the implementation process, our team provides our customers with necessary documentation and certification upon project completion. Our primary objective is to implement an infrastructure that is flawless, secure, and reliable.

Ongoing Support


Maintenance becomes challenging and time-consuming when you’re navigating intertwined wires or piles of cables. Our team helps our customers plan and execute effective maintenance of their wiring and cabling solutions, avoiding downtime and reducing costly repairs resulting from disorganization and neglect. 


Monitoring the effectiveness of your wireless network systems can be a challenge that impacts both building security and daily network functioning. Our team helps to ensure proper network monitoring, providing peace of mind and a streamlined process to keep you informed and confident that your systems are working as intended. 

Eastern DataComm addresses these challenges with a set of key wired and wireless network infrastructure solutions.


Building Wiring

Since 1988, Eastern DataComm has deployed thousands of network solutions. We have the necessary expertise in both local and wide-area data networks, which are critical to supporting today’s IP and must provide highly available voice, video, data, and security. We are certified by the top cable solution providers, resulting in better product selection, factory-trained personnel, excellent product knowledge, and direct escalation if necessary. Our solutions include Cat 3, Cat5e, Cat6, and Fiber for both indoor and outdoor usage.


Cable Certification

We understand the value of using the right equipment. Our experts run a complete 100MHz testing on your new or existing cabling plant to minimize problems on your network. Our testing protocol includes a report of each cable’s test results, which can be used for a baseline comparison for future tests and troubleshooting.


Cable Management

Many wiring hubs or wiring closets are unusable due to a lack of organization during installation. At Eastern DataComm, we develop a strategy for a clean, well-planned, and elegant implementation to allow you to maintain a functional, usable wiring system. With our cable management, you can easily move and trace these properly labeled cables and add users while keeping your space organized.

Get comprehensive solutions to solve your safety and communications challenges with Eastern DataComm.

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We offer wireless solutions and wired solutions for a variety of networks. Whether you’re looking for school wireless solutions, a trusted wireless network solutions provider, or are ready to modernize your wired system to better serve your needs, we have you covered.

When it comes to wireless solutions and wired solutions alike, our Eastern DataComm team takes a diagnostic and consultative approach to designing and deploying your network infrastructure. We get to know you, your existing infrastructure, your goals, and your areas of need. From there, we collaborate with you on designing a new system (or an upgrade to your existing system) that capitalizes on your strengths and creates opportunities for the enhancement of your wireless network solutions or the wired solutions you’re looking for to benefit the overall safety and communications profile of your organization.

Absolutely. Our team specializes in providing and integrating both wireless solutions and wired solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. So, when it comes to wireless network solutions, we can help you take your network infrastructure to the next level.

Eastern DataComm has experience planning, implementing, and maintaining network solutions across a variety of industries. We specialize in offering wired and wireless solutions to businesses, municipalities, and schools. So, whether you’re a business leader or a school technology stakeholder, we’re here to help you design the best solution for your wireless network solution needs.

When addressing network security and reliability for your wired and wireless solutions, Eastern DataComm employs a strategic, problem-solving strategy. We design solutions that ensure all solutions, whether wired solutions or wireless networking solutions, are installed and certified for optimal performance. And because we only use the best possible products, ensuring reliability is standard practice.

When it comes to wired and wireless solutions, our Eastern DataComm team provides the best possible support experience so that monitoring and maintaining your systems is as simple as possible. We also offer maintenance packages that assist with troubleshooting and address any issue experienced in a timely and efficient manner.
Simply put, our technicians and engineers provide unmatched customer support!