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Eastern DataComm provides schools, businesses, and municipalities nationwide with end-to-end technology solutions that are the right fit for ever-evolving safety and communications needs.

Eastern DataComm

The Eastern DataComm Difference

We have over 30 years of experience designing, installing, and supporting safety and communications solutions for hundreds of our customers in the education, government, and business sectors

Our expert team is full of professionals who have a deep understanding of the market and apply that knowledge to the process of tailoring solutions and finding the best technology products for each organization’s unique needs. This holistic approach ensures that we can seamlessly blend customers’ existing technology when applicable with new solutions to keep them safe and secure, keeping projects within budget and on schedule. 

Eastern DataComm specializes in school district mass emergency notification and the supporting technology that lends to rapid communication. We are the creators of the comprehensive Lockdown and Emergency Notification System, LENS, and our diagnostic, collaborative, and consultative approach is what truly sets us apart.

Your Safety and Communications Solutions Consultants

Eastern DataComm’s Safety and Communications Solutions Advisors and Technicians deliver our customers the best solutions that address their unique needs and challenges. 

Our goal is to ensure that the school, business, and municipality campuses, buildings, grounds, and the people who comprise those communities remain connected and protected. Our solutions leverage cutting-edge, scalable technology that is built for sustainability. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, whether your needs for tomorrow remain the same or change (as they often do) as the world turns. 

Safety and Communications Solutions Consultants

A Diagnostic and Consultative Approach to Your Communications and Safety Technology Solutions

Our entire process is engineered to be streamlined and collaborative. This ensures that the specific technology solutions we implement and maintain are well-suited to achieve against the objectives set forth by each customer. No two customers are alike, and we treat each individually. ‘One-size-fits-all’ or ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches are the only thing you’ll find absent when our team endeavors to solve the selection of right-fit solutions for our customers.

Eastern DataComm offers more than just industry-leading technology solutions to our customers. We partner with those we serve to provide customer-focused diagnostic approaches that identify unique challenges that can be remedied through proper technology implementation and integration. We support our customers in addressing those needs with a personal, consultative approach that is tailored to their exact needs.

Diagnostic: Tackling Technology Challenges with Purpose and Precision

Our diagnostic approach involves a thorough and exhaustive examination process. Through answering items that are a part of a specially designed, comprehensive questionnaire, we’ll come to fully understand your school, business, or municipality’s safety and communications strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvements, and potential threats that should be addressed.

Unlike our competitors, many of whom act solely as a vendor delivering and installing essentially their same technology solution for every customer, Eastern DataComm becomes your partner in the ongoing process of diagnosing and addressing your safety and communications challenges.

Eastern DataComm employs a team of experienced professionals to serve our customers. Collectively, our team is uniquely qualified to develop a communications technology strategy that addresses your specific challenges.

We deliver a comprehensive diagnostic summary report, providing feedback on the current landscape of your safety and communications solutions, making recommendations where there are areas for improvement, and including potential timelines and proposed costs for upgrading your systems or enhancing your existing ones. By working with our team, you’ll get to know what needs to be addressed now and what can be done down the road to continue to ensure the safety and security of your school, business, or municipality’s communities. 

Consultative: Personalized Service + Relationships Built for Longevity Deliver Exceptional Results

Our Eastern DataComm team takes a personalized, consultative approach to our work. We know that every customer has unique strengths, goals, needs, and concerns. That’s why we offer custom-tailored safety and communications technology solutions, rather than push pre-packaged systems or products that may fulfill some, but not all of our customers’ needs. 

The result is a lasting collaborative partnership. We continue to support you as your safety, communications, and physical security needs grow and change with each passing year. We keep you up to date on the latest industry-leading solutions that can improve the way you protect your buildings, campuses, and the people who frequent them.


OPTICS ensures that your LENS solution is running optimally. Our continuous monitoring service keeps eyes on the components that affect the system health of your lockdown and emergency notification solution so you don’t lose focus on your school’s safety.

The Trusted Team with Over 30 Years of Experience and Expertise

At Eastern DataComm, we’ve been designing and adapting our customers’ communications technology solutions, safety technology systems, and emergency notification systems to the unique needs of their organization for over three decades. 

We specialize in providing:

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Experienced Staff

Eastern DataComm employs the best of the best to serve our clients. Our staff is uniquely qualified to develop a safety and communications strategy that addresses your specific challenges.


Full Visibility

When you partner with us, we offer full visibility into our process, from identifying the challenges your organization faces to implementing your solution.


Custom Tailored Solutions

We understand the dynamic safety and communication challenges that your industry is facing. With our approach, we develop a solution that is designed to fit your needs.

Why We do What We Do

Over decades, we’ve built lasting relationships with the customers we serve. Through continued dialogue, we’ve become acutely aware that organizations like yours need comprehensive technology solutions that move at the pace of how they conduct business and evolve with the ever-changing safety and communications needs that result from how the world shifts year after year. 

With optimized safety and communications solutions, we help our customers drive productivity, improve efficiency, and enable them to better safeguard their school, business, and/or municipality communities. Eastern DataComm deploys expansive, easy-to-use communication and safety solutions that are designed to optimize and streamline your daily operations.

With that in mind, we strive to create a company culture that exemplifies our approach to customer service. Our team consists of the industry’s top minds and ensures that your needs are met at every touchpoint. Our experience allows us to assess your unique challenges and design a solution with your distinct desired outcome. We are here to help you identify how you can elevate your communications, implement a tailored solution to your organization, and support your needs after implementation.

Ultimately, we feel it to be our duty to share both the education and technology solutions that make for a safer tomorrow. Our commitment to our customers and dedication to helping make the world a safer place inspires us to deliver the best-in-class service and solutions each and every day.

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