The Eastern DataComm Difference

Eastern DataComm has worked to support organizations in the Tri-State area for over 30 years now, employing a team of experts with a deep understanding of the market and which products are the best fit for your needs. Our years of experience make a difference when diagnosing, designing, and installing a communication and safety solution for you. We take a holistic approach to supporting the needs of your organization, allowing us to blend existing technology with new solutions. It helps us correctly diagnose technology problems quickly and only recommend products that improve productivity and save money. At Eastern DataComm, we are committed to providing a tailored solution that works for you.


Why We Developed LENS

Eastern DataComm has been working with schools for over 20 years, installing communications solutions such as VoIP phone systems, paging systems, and video surveillance solutions. Shortly after the school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT, many of our existing school clients came to us asking for a more comprehensive emergency notification solution than what was on the market. But, before we could develop a solution for them, we first had to understand the problem that the solution would need to solve in order to be effective in a school environment. After working with local police, state police, and other school safety experts, we developed the most comprehensive solution on the market with LENS (Lockdown & Emergency Notification System). This solution has now been deployed in hundreds of schools throughout the NJ/NY tri-state area to rave reviews. Click here to learn more to see how LENS can work for your school.


Experienced Staff

Eastern DataComm employs the best of the best to serve our clients. Our staff is uniquely qualified to develop a communications strategy that addresses your specific challenges.


Full Visibility

When you partner with us, we offer full visibility into our process, from identifying the challenges your organization faces to implementing your solution.


Custom Tailored Solutions

We understand the dynamic communication challenges that your industry is facing. With our approach, we develop a solution that is designed to fit your needs.

Why We do What We Do

We saw that organizations like yours needed a comprehensive solution to improve their daily communication and safety processes. With an optimized communications solution, you can drive productivity, improve efficiency, safety, and communications. Eastern DataComm deploys comprehensive, easy-to-use communication and safety solutions that are designed to optimize and streamline your daily operations.

With that in mind, we strive to create a company culture that exemplifies our approach to customer service. Our team consists of the industry’s top minds and ensures that your needs are met at every touchpoint. Our experience allows us to assess your unique challenges and design a solution with your distinct desired outcome. We are here to help you identify how you can elevate your communications, implement a tailored solution to your organization, and support your needs after implementation.


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