Mitel Partner for effective communications solutions

We work hard to provide effective technology and communications solutions to keep schools as safe as possible. We’re honored to receive this recognition and will continue to carry out our mission of developing and spreading technology that safeguards our communities.

Mitel Benefits For Schools

Today’s schools need an efficient, cost-effective phone solution that optimizes their communication processes. Eastern DataComm equips schools throughout the Tri-State area with an integrated phone system that allows for improved communications within the school building, as well as an integrated emergency notification system to alert everyone on campus of an emerging threat or active lockdown. With our integrated system, you can contact first responders at the touch of a button.

Mitel Benefits For Business & Government

Mitel Benefits For Business &

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your office with an integrated phone solution from Mitel. We provide a VoIP phone solution that is designed elevate and streamline your daily communication processes. Eastern DataComm’s VoIP solutions and commitment to stellar customer service ensure that you can quickly and seamlessly get from planning and implementation through to expert user stages.


Easy to use. We empower you with easy-to-manage systems. When you have a question, our Help desk is just a phone call away.


Scalable. As your business grows, so can your VoIP business phone system.


Flexible. Need to add video conferencing or a conference bridge? We design your infrastructure from the get-go to adapt to your needs.


Proven. Our customized communications’ systems have proven successful, time and time again with our clients.


Mitel Solutions

Eastern Datacomm has been a Mitel Gold Partner for over 15 years. We chose Mitel as our communications partner based on their innovation, ease of management and deep integration with our solutions. Mitel has been a global leader in communications for 45 years and is trusted by over 70 Million customers.

Eastern DataComm Business Phone Solutions

With our consultative approach, we work with you to understand your organization’s specific and dynamic needs to develop a communications solution that addresses those needs. Our business phone solutions are built to be cost-effective, user-friendly, and scalable. With our flexible tools at your disposal, you can increase the productivity of your workforce and the profitability of your organization. Eastern DataComm’s phone solutions have proven successful time and time again, meaning that we equip your team with a solution that works.

Mitel 6900 Series

Mitel’s 6900 VoIP Series is a line of desk phones equipped with clear audio, state-of the-art features, and a comprehensive set of accessories to improve productivity and efficiency for your organization.

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MiVoice 6900 Accessories

Work the way you want with a suite of add-on peripherals that are designed to improve efficiency and mobility. We offer accessories that allow you to tailor your 6900 IP desk phone to fit your needs.

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