VoIP Phone Systems

What Is VoIP?

VoIP phone systems boast greater flexibility, advanced features, ease of accessibility, advanced security, crystal-clear call quality, lower overall costs, and immense scalability.

They are a natural fit that serves best against the needs of school districts, government agencies, and businesses.

VoIP refers to voice over a network using Internet Protocol (IP). IP is the protocol, or ‘language’, that allows devices to talk to each other, whether it be across the internet or in the same building. VoIP systems turn your voice into a signal that can be sent over your internal network and/or over the internet, decoupling users from geographical limitations while allowing for richer call features at a more cost-effective price than you’ve ever experienced before. With Mitel VoIP solutions from Eastern DataComm, our customers can select their own deployment model of onsite, data center, cloud, or hybrid using customer-dedicated instance applications.

Eastern DataComm Is Proud to Be a ZeroNow Trusted Partner

ZeroNow is a community designed to drive ideas, innovation, and investment to advance school safety. The organization is driven to increase the pace and scale of technology innovation, ideas, and investment in school safety designed to bring about real change now. And we share that drive and commitment.

Eastern DataComm is thrilled to join ZeroNow in its mission to make our schools and communities safer through innovative initiatives and technology-led change.

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Mitel Technical Excellence

We work hard to provide effective technology and communications solutions to keep schools, businesses, and municipalities as safe as possible.
We’re honored to receive this recognition and will continue to carry out our mission of developing and spreading technology that safeguards our communities.

VoIP Benefits for Schools

Today’s schools need an efficient, cost-effective phone solution that optimizes their communication processes. Eastern DataComm equips schools nationwide with an integrated phone system that allows for improved communications within the school building, as well as an integrated emergency notification system, to alert everyone on the campus of an emerging threat or active lockdown. With our integrated system, you can contact first responders at the touch of a button.

Streamlining Daily School and District-Wide Communication

From confidential interoffice calls to on-campus emergencies, schools have needs that set them apart from businesses and municipalities. At Eastern DataComm, we’re experienced in working with schools and districts to identify and address these needs while delivering customized solutions that ensure crystal-clear efficient communication.

Integrating with Your Other Technology Solutions

From access control systems to paging systems, there are several different technology pieces that a school or district might already use. Our VoIP solutions integrate seamlessly with other safety and communications technologies and can be implemented to improve the clarity and efficiency with which you communicate daily.

Bringing Your Phone Systems into FCC Compliance

Recent federal law updates, specifically Ray Baum’s Act and Kari’s Law, have enhanced the requirements for multi-line phone system functionality.

Specifically, Ray Baum’s Act requires that multi-line phone systems send dispatchable locations along with “call back” numbers each time a 911 call is executed.

Kari’s Law requires that these phone systems allow users to dial 911 without entering a prefix and mandates that notification to another resource (like a school security office, for example) is delivered whenever a 911 call is made.

You can learn more about these new requirements here.

And, when you choose to work with Eastern DataComm, you’ll experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Mitel VoIP phone system is FCC-compliant.

Supporting Effective, Efficient Emergency Notification and Response

In an emergency, time is of the essence and can mean the difference between safety and tragedy. That’s why, at Eastern DataComm, we ensure that our VoIP systems integrate with our Lockdown and Emergency Notification System (LENS + OPTICS). By dialing a code on your VoIP phone, you can initiate a lockdown, shelter-in-place, or other emergency protocol within seconds of recognizing an active threat on your campus. The result is a fast, effective approach to urgent situations like an active shooter, intruders, and emergency weather conditions.

Comprehensive Notifications and Ease of Use by Design

With Mitel’s revolutionary app, aptly named ‘Revolution’, you’ll have access to an array of communication solutions that help address your routine and mass communication needs. The application is easy to use by design. It allows users to access all features from one simple yet powerful platform.

When an emergency occurs, you need a fast, effective, and reliable way to notify people and keep others safe.

Mitel’s routine and mass notification solution is designed to provide organizations with reliable communications across a wide range of channels and devices. This keeps everyone informed, safe, and connected during emergency situations, no matter where they occur.

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VoIP-Enhanced Emergency Response

You already know how vital emergency notification and response are to ensuring that your buildings and grounds, as well as those who traffic them, are connected and protected. Mitel’s VoIP solutions create a foundation from which the most effective response possible can be taken as a result of clear, efficient communication during urgent events.

These VoIP solutions provide effective broadcast communications across your campus for your staff, students, teachers, parents, or emergency responders. From weather emergencies to potential physical security threats, you’ll have the ability to communicate campus-wide and beyond as quickly as possible. With other platform features like SMS messaging, call recording, and mass notification, you can initiate communication from anywhere.

Mobility When You Need it Most

With Mitel Revolution, you’ll have mobile access to a variety of communication and notification features. To keep the lines of communication open regardless of type of device, Revolution is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

A Perfect Solution for Onsite and Hybrid Environments

We offer solutions that connect faculty, parents, teachers, and staff within the school and beyond. So you have options when it comes to what you’re sharing, with whom, and when – the perfect fit for in-school, remote learning, and office environments.

Quick Setup and Scalable Support

Since Mitel Revolution provides easy-to-implement integrations, you can get started in no time and the solutions can scale to support large group communication with ease. Rest assured that with Revolution, you have a solution that fits your needs today, as well as one that can grow with you for tomorrow and thereafter.

Integrations for Learning

Mitel offers easy integrations with third party communications platforms to offer even better operational efficiency. From Microsoft Teams to Google Classroom, you’ll have what you need to work together seamlessly.

VoIP Benefits for Government

Whether you’re managing a hybrid or work-from-home team or looking for a more reliable phone system that won’t let you or your employees down, VoIP phone systems are an excellent choice for governments and municipalities.

Keep Distributed Departments Working in Harmony
Provide your employees with the ability to work from anywhere using softphones, desk phones, and mobile phones while staying productive in the process.

Stability and Continuity That Keep You Moving Forward
Our Mitel solutions offer industry-leading reliability and survivability and offer the stability you need to handle projects big and small. So nothing slows you down.

Integrate with Ease
Integrate your key systems with customized solutions that streamline organizational collaboration.

Reliable and Safe Data Protection
Data Protection is more vital than ever. With Eastern DataComm-provided Mitel solutions, you’ll be in good hands. Eastern DataComm technicians will design a solution that can help protect against cyber-attacks and configure anti-fraud and privacy protection while assisting with the compliance regulations that matter most to your business. (From HIPAA to ADA, and FCC regulations as well). So that you’ll feel confident that your communications are as safe as possible from the get-go.

Enhance Citizens’ Experience Every Time They Pick up the Phone
Crystal-clear call quality and unbeatable reliability make Mitel’s VoIP phone systems a win for you and those you serve each day.

Interested in learning what VoIP can do for your organization? Contact us today!

VoIP Benefits for Business

Our industry-leading Mitel VoIP solutions offer a wealth of benefits including:

  • Fast, easy setup
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Integration with mobile apps and more!

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your office with an integrated phone solution from telephony leader Mitel. Our Eastern DataComm team provides a VoIP phone solution that is designed uniquely to elevate and streamline your daily communication processes. Eastern DataComm’s commitment to superior customer service ensures that you can quickly and seamlessly go from the initial planning and implementation phases through to expert user stages.


Ease of Communication

You deserve streamlined, clear, and efficient communication. The demands of your business make it imperative for a phone system to keep up with the pace of your daily activities. But there is no one-size-fits-all VoIP technology solution. That’s why, at Eastern DataComm, we customize VoIP systems to address your key concerns, address your challenges, and deliver on the communications needs that allow your business to operate uninterrupted.


Solutions That Scale

Whether you’re a team of thirty, three hundred, or three thousand, Eastern DataComm can work with you to create a VoIP solution that suits your needs now and in the future.

And because our VoIP solutions are supported by industry-leading Mitel technology, you’ll always enjoy cutting-edge, high-quality communications support.


Streamlining Collaboration for Distributed Teams

Provide your organization’s employees with the ability to work productively in the office and beyond with desk phones, softphones, and mobile phones.


Support When You Need It

If you’ve got questions, we’re here to help you find the answers. Whether you’re looking for a solution to a technical issue or want to explore upgrading your system with additional integrations, our experienced support team – comprised of advisors and technicians – can help you resolve problems and get back to work with confidence.


Eastern DataComm Business Phone Solutions

At Eastern DataComm, we employ a consultative approach to addressing your communications needs. We work with you to understand your organization’s specific and dynamic strengths and challenges. We look for opportunities to augment your current system or completely reshape it into a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution that becomes an asset to your productivity and business goals.

Our business phone solutions are built to be cost-effective, user-focused, and scalable.

With our flexible tools at your disposal, you can increase the productivity of your workforce and the profitability of your organization. Eastern DataComm’s phone solutions have proven successful time and time again, meaning that we equip your team with a solution that works.

Mitel 6900 Series

Mitel’s 6900 VoIP Series is a line of desk phones equipped with clear audio, state-of the-art features, and a comprehensive set of accessories to improve productivity and efficiency for your organization.

The 6900 IP Series is a powerful business suite of desk phones with crystal-clear audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, the 6900 IP Series provides advanced features, and a broad array of accessories to improve productivity and mobility in today’s modern business environment.

Click on the image above to get more information.

Mitel Voice 6900 series

MiVoice 6900 Accessories

Work the way that works best for you with a suite of add-on peripherals that are designed to improve efficiency and mobility. In partnership with Mitel, we offer a variety of accessories that allow you to tailor your 6900 IP desk phone to fit your needs.

Screenshot 2023 06 16 At 9.35.36 AM
Click to watch the benefits of Mitel Revolution.

Mitel Revolution

Mitel Revolution is a state-of-the-art mass notification solution. It offers flexible, industry-leading features that improve communication, security, and emergency response capabilities.

From real-time notification alerts to facility-wide paging announcements to mobile-centric communications at the press of a button, the combined impact of Mitel Revolution and Eastern DataComm allows you to customize and leverage this powerful technological tool to address the needs of your business, municipality, or school district.

Mitel Revolution in Action on Campus

During emergencies, Mitel Revolution can send out mass notifications to students, faculty, and staff in seconds. During urgent situations, having everyone on the same page and responding appropriately as quickly as possible can make all the difference for mitigating damage and saving lives. Simplicity and the ability to respond quickly are absolute essentials. Revolution achieves both.

MiVoice Business

MiVoice Business provides you with the chance to improve the speed and quality of your business decisions by providing you and your employees with everything necessary to collaborate seamlessly, anywhere and anytime.

Complete Flexibility

Whether you need onsite, virtual, or private cloud deployments, Mitel has you covered.

Industry-Leading Communication

Mitel’s next-generation software is second to none, and their collaborative approach mirrors that of Eastern DataComm. Eastern DataComm + Mitel is the equation that provides our customers with the utmost in telephony hardware and service. Together, we deliver the best possible support for your VoIP needs backed by experience, dedication, and know-how.

Future-Proof Your VoIP Solution

Mitel offers acceleration of new features and application deployment for VoIP solutions so you always have the opportunity to take advantage of the latest advancements in voice and communications technology.

Our VoIP Systems Deliver Unparalleled Results for Businesses, Municipalities, and School Districts

They’re Easy to Use
These easy-to-manage systems are a breeze to utilize, designed with the user in mind. But, if you ever have a question, the Help Desk is just a call away.

They’re Scalable by Design
When you need to upgrade or your needs evolve, your VoIP business phone system can follow suit.

They’re Intuitive and Flexible
Whether you need to create a conferencing bridge in an emergency or add video options to your solutions, we’ll help you adapt your solutions to your ever-evolving needs.

They Have a Proven Track Record
These Mitel VoIP solutions have proven themselves over and over with our communications clients. Rest assured that your communications solutions are in good hands with Eastern DataComm + Mitel.

VoIP Systems That Meet the Latest Federal Regulations

In light of two recent federal laws strengthening the effectiveness of emergency calls, many school districts, businesses, and municipalities are taking a more critical look at their multiline telephone systems.

Kari’s Law is a Federal Communications Commission regulation that impacts multi-line telephone communications and requires such systems to allow users to dial 911 without entering a prefix. In addition, the law requires that notification to other resources is completed when the 911 call is made.

When a 911 call is made from one of our VoIP phone solutions, it automatically alerts emergency responders and shares the location of the call. The system allows for in-the-moment communication and conferencing among crisis managers and emergency personnel as well. So, from the initiation of an emergency call, everyone is on the same page.

RAY BAUM’S ACT requires all multi-line phone systems to send a dispatchable location along with a “call back” number each time a 911 call is made. The law is designed to help first responders understand the precise location to which they should send resources and how they can best respond to that particular emergency.

Our Mitel systems are compliant with this legislation. They swiftly and efficiently deliver vital information regarding the exact point for response to crisis managers. This dispatchable location data not only allows you to maintain FCC compliance, but it can also save lives.

Eastern DataComm’s Lockdown and Emergency Notification System (LENS) integrates with Mitel’s industry-leading Mitel Revolution to address emergency notification and communication challenges while complying with these requirements.

Both MiVoice Business and Mitel Revolution meet these federal requirements and can integrate with other aspects of your business’s technology infrastructure and emergency response notification system.

Connect to Business

Currently a MiVoice Connect customer? View these resources to learn more about the benefits of transitioning to MiVoice Business.


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