The Eastern DataComm Culture

The culture of any workplace is paramount to its success. Here at Eastern DataComm, developing and maintaining an engaging work culture, is absolutely our top priority. We empower our team to ‘own’ the culture of the organization and ensure that our open door policy extends from top to bottom.

A Career That Matters

The team at Eastern DataComm not only aims to improve the lives of people through the solutions we provide but also through the way we engage with each other
and the community at large. A role at Eastern DataComm makes a difference to the lives of people our solutions protect and communicate with.

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Deliver better outcomes

The people at Eastern DataComm are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in our sector. Our team prides itself on
being a supportive and friendly work culture. We help each other reach goals, deliver on client expectations and move forward as a team.

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The people

Eastern DataComm is in constant growth mode with ambitious plans to expand our footprint. Creating safer and more secure environments within both the public sector and the private sector for people to live trouble-free lives is key to delivering better outcomes. In your career with Eastern DataComm, ‘better outcomes’ will be your focus in everything you do.

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Education and Development

Customers choose us because they can trust the process we undertake to deliver better solutions to their organizations. We can only do this with a commitment to internal and external training and development, with ongoing education programs in place.

Our commitment to providing diversity and opportunity to everyone
remains at the core of our culture.

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Culture Image
Culture Image

Learning-centric Environments

The heart of Eastern DataComm is the drive to continually learn. We push boundaries in quality control systems and customer experience, bringing to the forefront solutions that best suit the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we need to understand their environment as much as our own, and continually stay up-to-date with the latest solutions and technologies. We must evolve too.

For a holistic approach to meet your safety and communication
needs, contact Eastern DataComm today.