Optimized Solutions for a Safer

With LENS, our proprietary emergency notifications and communication system, we are looking to help you provide a safer environment for your teachers, students, employees, and visitors. Our goal is to provide you with accessible tools to help you make smarter decisions and clearer communications during an emergency.

Video Surveillance for school saftey solutions

Emergency Notification

Simplify your emergency notification and communications processes with our proprietary technology.

VoIP Phone Systems

Improve productivity and efficiency with an optimized VoIP business phone system.

Cloud Solutions

Elevate your business operations by moving your entire organization to the Cloud.

Video Surveillance

Secure your facility with an upgraded video surveillance system that operates onpremise or in the Cloud.

Wired/Wireless Networks
and Infrastructure

Enhance your wireless network connectivity with our wireless solutions.

Paging, Bells and Clocks

Synchronize your school schedule and improve daily communications with an integrated intercom and paging system.

For a holistic approach to meet your safety and communication
needs, contact Eastern DataComm today.