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Cloud Communications Solutions for Businesses and Municipalities

Whether you’re a growing business or a municipality looking for a better way to run your day-to-day, in the ever-evolving technology landscape it makes sense to explore how the cloud can be the right fit for your organization’s communication needs.

At Eastern DataComm, we have decades of experience helping businesses and government agencies like yours manage their communications solutions. Our diagnostic and consultative approach to recommending and implementing technology systems ensures you get the fast, dependable, integrated, and scalable solution you need to attain your organization’s unique goals.

The Benefits of Eastern DataComm’s Cloud Communication Solutions

Reliable: You and those you serve don’t have time for unexpected interruptions, downtime, or other issues. With our cloud solutions, you’ll have the dependability of 99.99% service uptime and the security you need to get your job done each day. Plus, you won’t need to maintain or build your own system, leaving you in the capable hands of our experts with one less task on your plate.

Scalable: At Eastern DataComm, we know that the best cloud communication solutions are the ones that grow right along with you. We offer you options that meet your needs now and recognize the growth in customer demand that you’re forecasting for your future.

Flexible: Eastern DataComm offers flexible deployment solutions to meet your needs and our cloud solutions are truly versatile, making lengthy hardware installation and tedious setup a thing of the past. That’s because when you build in or migrate to a cloud-based solution, there’s no on-site hardware. You can even solve tech issues or make adjustments to the system with just a phone call, giving you the flexibility you need to keep your organization running smoothly.

Integrated: Whether your team is remote, distributed, or in-office, our cloud solutions revolutionize the way you collaborate: Making collective efforts easier with streamlined app integrations and a unified solution that keeps everything (from video to phone to messaging) in one place and accessible from most devices.

Comprehensive: Our cloud solutions offer a variety of features designed to fully support businesses and municipalities like yours. These features include:

  • Compliance coverage 
  • Advanced call handling
  • Direct routing
  • Enhanced calling for Microsoft Teams 
  • Industry-leading telephony
  • A single-app experience
  • Fax
  • SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Call and message history
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Call queue management
  • Presence sync
  • 275+ pre-built applications 

The Benefits of Having the Eastern DataComm Team on Your Side:

Our biggest priority is providing a solution that serves your business. RingCentral is a leading global provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses. RingCentral leverages the cloud to bring freedom, innovation, and seamless connectivity to business phone systems. We partner with RingCentral to bring you an optimized communications solution for your organization.

Establishing your organization in the cloud, moving to the cloud from an on-premises solution, or migrating from one cloud option to another can truly streamline your business and simplify communication.

You’ll reap the benefits of working with one vendor, one interface, and one bill for all of your business communication needs. From messaging and video conferencing, to SMS, fax and phone calls, all of your communication channels will be under one roof.

Save time and energy when you move to the cloud with Eastern DataComm. You can use your existing phone numbers, assign toll-free numbers, or get new local numbers for your business or municipality. Adding new users, new offices, or remote teams takes mere minutes. Best of all, our partners’ intuitive online tools make customizing and completing administrative tasks easier than ever.

Call forwarding, call routing, and voicemail are easily customizable. Our mobile and desktop application options allow employees to work from anywhere, using their own cell phones as their business phones without utilizing their personal phone numbers.

Eastern DataComm takes pride in our customer-focused approach to technology solution integration. That’s why, when it comes to cloud communication solutions, our APIs allow for integration with the apps you use most. Our solutions also integrate with services like Microsoft Teams, offering a truly robust, customer-needs-driven solution that bridges any gaps that might exist in your current cloud- or prem-based solution.

Hassle-free maintenance means automatic software updates, account management, and even scaling your cloud communication solution have never been easier. Our partners offer 24/7 support by email, chat, or phone and we work with our clients to provide free training that ensures you get the most out of your cloud solutions from day one.

Benefits of Cloud Communication Solutions

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Our cloud solutions include VoIP phone systems and video surveillance. These solutions offer a unified solution that houses resources (from video to phone messaging) in a single location that’s readily accessible from nearly anywhere. Plus, there’s minimal, if any, downtime. Scaling is straightforward and maintenance can most often be done with a simple software update or conducted over a brief phone call. This means your organization benefits from effective and flexible solutions that meet your needs.

Eastern DataComm offers custom cloud-based phone solutions at your fingertips.

We take a personalized, diagnostic approach to ensure each of the solutions we provide, including cloud communications solutions, addresses the areas of need we identify in our clients’ communications infrastructure. This process begins with our Safety and Communications consultation to unearth both strengths and areas that can be improved with the right-fit cloud solutions.

We believe cloud communications should be flexible. Our team is here to help you migrate your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud in ways that work best for you.
Whether we’re building from the ground up or migrating your infrastructure, there are no on-site hardware and tech issues that can’t be addressed with just a phone call with our knowledgeable team of technicians and support staff. That’s how we help you implement flexible and effective cloud communications.

Your cloud communications solutions should be hassle-free. When you work with Eastern DataComm, you won’t need to worry about maintaining your system. We offer cloud-based solutions from providers that deliver great support.
Is your organization growing? We can also help you scale your cloud communications with the support you need to move forward confidently.

In addition, our partners, including industry leader RingCentral, offer around-the-clock support via email, phone, or virtual chat. We collaborate with you to provide complimentary training so you have everything you need to make the most of your cloud communications solutions.

Eastern DataComm specializes in custom cloud communications solutions, and we’d welcome the opportunity to help you explore the best-fit cloud technology for your needs.

To reserve a complimentary consultation with our team, just fill out the brief form on our contact page here and we’ll connect!