Synchronized Solutions for Educational Facilities

An average school day is dictated by the clock and bell schedule, which can change daily. Eastern DataComm provides comprehensive, synchronized solutions for educational facilities to improve daily communications. Synchronizing the clock and bell schedule allows your school to accurately communicate the schedule for the day while also ensuring that you can communicate to teachers, students, and 911 in an emergency.


Paging and Intercoms

The intercom and paging system is a significant factor in the daily communications of your school, so it’s important to ensure that school is equipped with a system that guarantees smooth and clear communication for your faculty, staff, and students.


Bell Schedule

Create and arrange the bell schedule according to the needs of your schools. Our team deploys a bell controller that gives you complete and total control over the school day, improving the ease-of-use over the complicated traditional analog bell systems.



Initiate and announce a lockdown sequence with ease and clarity with LENS, our emergency communications and notification system. Our team will integrate LENS into your existing system, or we can update your intercom system to properly function with LENS.



Synchronize the school day with our wireless clock solution. Our wireless clocks operate as individual repeaters, ensuring that each clock is in sync with your clock controller. Additionally, our clock solution adjusts automatically for daylight savings, removing the potential for any errors.


Customized Alerts

Send customized alerts to teachers, students, and the proper authorities with our notification system. Whether you are making a simple change in schedule for your students or alerting the authorities about an active threat, this comprehensive solution improves your communication process.

Improving Safety Through

At Eastern DataComm, we believe that safety of your school relies on clear and concise communication. Our solutions are designed to improve the security of your teachers and students with optimized communication processes, emergency notification, and synchronized bells and clocks. Each of these components plays a huge role in the safety of your school. When you partner with us, we develop a strategy to implement our solutions in your school that is directly based on your needs and budget.

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