Elevated Video Surveillance Solutions

In a constantly changing world, it’s crucial to take security measures to protect the safety of your facility, your employees, and their property. With Eastern DataComm’s elevated video surveillance solutions, we enable you to have a better picture of ongoing activities at your facility on a 24/7 basis. Whether you are protecting your organization from theft, monitoring employees and machinery, or even having a daily record of business activities for liability purposes, we can provide you with an optimized surveillance solution that will meet your specific needs.


Prem-Based Solutions

The Panasonic platform is a native end-to-end H.265 system that delivers extreme enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security, and embedded intelligence. Panasonic provides hardware-based cameras that integrate with your current security system, allowing your organization to upgrade your system as your budget allows.


Cloud Based Solutions

Verkada’s cloud-based cameras are intuitive and versatile solutions for enhancing the security of your organization. Built for durability, Verkada’s cloud-based cameras offer innovative features like motion search to find footage in specific regions of interest, live links to share with authorized users, and a comprehensive time/date-based search system. Each dome features a discreet vandal-proof design, simple installation, and 8x more processing power than the previous generation.


Have Peace of Mind When It Comes to Your Safety

At Eastern DataComm, we understand the value of instilling a sense of security for you and your employees. With our years of experience, we design a cost-effective security strategy based on your organization’s needs. We ensure that you are equipped with the tools you need to enhance your organization’s security while helping to improve the performance and efficiency of your workforce.

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