Bogota, NJ is a city in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is spread across 509 acres of land and has an elevation of 43 feet. It is located between the cities of Teaneck and Hackensack and has a central location ideal for families. It is only 12 miles from New York City and located on the eastern shore of the well-known Hackensack River. 

Bogota was founded on 14 November 1894 from a part of the community of Ridgefield. Bogota was named in honor of the Bogert family, the first European settlers to inhabit the region. As of 2020, Bogota will be the second largest city in New Jersey with 8,253 residents and the 3,540 largest city in the United States. The town has many affordable, single-family homes, making it an attractive place for families just starting out.

In the 1930s, the city expanded rapidly and had ten times the population that it did in 1912. In the 1960s, Bogota experienced another change: most of its paper mills closed. Many paper mills had a major production role in the Second World War. The last mill, the Continental, closed in 1970. The closing of the mills gave way to more service-oriented industries. 

The area is not only an extraordinary place to live, but is also a community committed to helping the environment and the notion of sustainable living. Bogota is unique in the fact that it has the distinction of being one of 208 communities in New Jersey that achieved sustainable certification status in NJ.

The city offers several recreational activities for its residents, including a swimming club open to all Bogota residents to keep them cool during New Jersey’s scorching summer days. The Bogota Golf and Sports Center offers residents a mini-golf course, a driving range, and a batting cage. 

The Borough celebrated its 125-year anniversary in 2019.