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As a Business Owner, It’s Imperative for You to Track Who’s Entering/Exiting Your Buildings & Grounds, How They’re Doing It, and When

Businesses across the country are using access control systems to address a variety of challenges. Those range from theft to trespassing to a desire to secure sensitive information. And the right access control system can do more than simply address challenges, it can integrate with your existing safety and security solutions to provide an even more robust safety profile to protect your office community. This technology enhances your team’s productivity. And best of all? It scales with your organization to offer you even greater security as you grow.

Access Control

How Commercial Access Control Solutions Keep You in
Control of Entry to Your Business When It Matters Most

The benefits of access control extend well beyond simply monitoring ingress and egress. From recognizing threats, to keeping your business compliant with regulations, to helping you stay productive day-to-day, your access control system is the technology solution that keeps you in command of the safety or your business’s community.

Decide Who Can Enter and When

Access control allows you to decide who can move through your buildings and grounds, where, and at what times. Setting access permissions and restrictions ensures that your business’s system works the way you need it to each day to protect you, your team, customers, and products and other valuables.

Recognize and Respond to Threats

The flexibility to utilize your access control system on premises as well as remotely allows you to identify, assess, and respond to threats in real time so that you remain in command of your business’s safety and security 24/7/365.

Legal compliance is a vital part of your business operations. An access control solution can help you prevent unlawful entry to your buildings and ground and keep sensitive information secure.

Leverage this system to maintain records of which personnel or members of your team have entered or exited a particular area. To further streamline and optimize the office environment, maintain general information regarding work habits, document traffic flow, and keep meaningful data that can be used in future investigations.

Integrate with Existing Solutions

Your access control system offers you a flexible, scalable solution that you can integrate with your other systems including video surveillance, emergency response, the paging system, and environmental sensors.

This centralized management system gives you control of who enters and leaves your premises, resulting in a truly comprehensive safety and physical security solution.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

The right-fit commercial access control system will free you from the worry over lost keys, increase your team’s productivity by giving authorized personnel access to your buildings when they need it, and offer you true peace of mind when it comes to your business security.

Customize Features to Make an Access Control System the Right Fit for Your Business

One popular approach to commercial access control involves enhancing physical security by preventing entrance without a swipe card. Key fobs and the associated readers control access to designated areas based on credentials. This feature empowers you to directly improve your business’s security and safety profile.

Whether you select motion detection (releasing the door when motion is detected) or exit button technology (releasing a door at the push of a button), request-to-exit systems offer a powerful and impactful approach to access control.

Door strikes can be customized so that your doors will only permit exit or entry if a keycard is scanned. These system components can be configured to allow one-way traffic, providing a truly personalized approach to your security needs.

These bars can be motorized and activated to open with your access control systems.

Our Eastern DataComm team can provide your business with project management and training to assist in the smooth implementation of your commercial access control solution.

From generating and programming swipe cards to configuring your system and fully understanding key types of notifications, we’ll help you and your team make the most of your access control solution.

Advanced commercial access control systems are a vital component of an office building’s safety and physical security ecosystem. Access control systems regulate who can enter your business and when. They also provide you with alerts regarding potential intruders and a log of those who enter or leave the building so that you can maintain accurate records in case of an emergency or breach of security.

Yes, access control systems for your business can be personalized to meet the specific needs of your office. They can be especially supportive when it comes to addressing compliance issues related to physical security and regulatory requirements. If your office must maintain compliance with federal, state, or local laws and regulations, access control systems, particularly when integrated with other solutions, help keep you within guidelines and mandates. You can also customize your access control systems to integrate with other solutions like video surveillance to enhance your security. Further tailor your solution to allow access during certain times of day or certain times of the year. The choice is yours.

The installation process for commercial access control systems varies depending on your organization’s unique requirements. However, the process for installation always begins with a plan. And that plan always begins with a diagnostic process and an initial consultation.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact our Eastern DataComm team here.

After the consultation is complete and the project deliverables are confirmed, we’ll  establish clear communication channels and align on a timeline. That timeline outlines deliverables and what you can expect before, during, and after installation is complete.

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