Paramus, New Jersey is a suburb of New York City located 15 to 20 miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan and 13 miles west of Upper Manhattan. It is near Hackensack. With a modest population of about 25,000 inhabitants, it is an ideal suburb for residents looking for a short commute and a safe community for families. It has an area of 10.51 square miles and an elevation of 49 feet. It was founded on April 4, 1922.

Paramus generates intense shopping interest because nearby New York City has enormous retail opportunities and a great tourist and luxury population. By 2020, Paramus will be the 34th largest city in the New Jersey state and the fourth largest city in the United States with a population of 25,884.

The city is one of the last places in the United States that still has extensive and restrictive blue laws. Blue laws are set to observe of the holy day of Sunday, so the ban of most activities, including the sale of alcohol, is prohibited on this day. The Blue Laws in Paramus also prohibit Sunday shopping, so retail is closed on this day as well, with the exception of gas stations, grocery stores, and some restaurants. 

The Local Blue Law in Paramus was first proposed in 1957, when the Bergen Mall and the Garden State Plaza were being built. The law was prompted by fears that the new shopping centers would exacerbate the heavy congestion on motorways caused by local retail outlets along the city’s motorways. The restrictions began as religious observance, but were put on the books due to the wish of the inhabitants of Paramus that traffic should be mitigated at least one day a week.

Paramus was named the healthiest city in 2013 by the New Jersey State Mayors “Wellness Campaign. In 2013, Paramus was ranked 21st in New Jersey’s best places to live.