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Dependable Data Networking

In today’s business environment, the need for a dependable network has become essential to your daily operations. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to invest in a data network that you can consistently rely on. When you partner with Eastern DataComm, we provide you with a networking and infrastructure solution built to optimize your organization.

Networking Infrastructure Services

Our Services Include:

With our years of experience, we can guarantee the quality of our data networking services. We work with you to better understand your organization’s dynamic needs, allowing us to design a strategy based on what you need us to provide.

WAN/LAN Networks

IP Telephony


WAN Optimization


Internet Access

Internet Security

Virtual Private Networks

Cabling Infrastructure

Data/Voice/Video Integration

Voice Over Frame Relay/MPLS

Eastern DataComm Networking & Infrastructure Solutions

We help businesses get the most from their data networking. From planning strategy to implementation to maintenance, Eastern DataComm’s tradition of commitment to customer service and customized data networking solutions provides a seamless transition when upgrading from legacy systems and installing new systems.


Building Wiring

Our expert cable and wiring technicians will take care of all your Voice and Data cabling needs. From installing a single cable to rewiring your entire facility, we install and terminate telco cable, Category 5, Category 6, and more. When installing wiring in your facility, we develop a strategy that guarantees a smooth and organized deployment. Our team updates and installs cabling and wiring into your infrastructure to improve and enhance the overall network connectivity and accessibility.


Cable Certification

We understand the value of using the right equipment, so our experts run a complete 100Mhz testing on your new or existing cabling plant to minimize problems on your network. Our testing protocol includes a one-page printout of each cable tested results, which can be used for a baseline comparison for future tests and troubleshooting.


Cable Management

Many wiring hubs or wiring closets are unusable due to a lack of organization during installation. At Eastern DataComm, we develop a strategy for a clean and well-planned implementation to allow you to maintain a functional, usable wiring system. With our cable management, you can easily move and trace cables and add users while keeping your space organized.


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