Elevated Communication Solutions
for Libraries and Local Government

Libraries and local Government buildings need accessible communication and safety solutions that elevate internal communication for local government officials and constituents. We are committed to supporting a safe and secure environment for your employees, members, and visitors with practical solutions to improve your safety and communications processes. Eastern DataComm provides technology solutions to dozens of libraries and local government buildings throughout the metropolitan Tri-state area, including individual library facilities to more extensive, multi-site municipalities.

Mitel Technical Excellence
Mitel Public Sector 2024

We work hard to provide effective technology and communications solutions to keep schools, businesses, and municipalities as safe as possible.
We’re honored to receive this recognition and will continue to carry out our mission of developing and spreading technology that safeguards our communities.

Increased Safety Measures for
Libraries and Municipalities

In an emergency, your response time is critical to the safety of everyone involved. Improve your safety measures with our proprietary technology Lockdown and Emergency Notification System (LENS). LENS technology allows you to immediately and automatically alert everyone on the premises of a lockdown, active threat or other emergencies. This solution is a scalable, flexible system designed to work with components of your existing infrastructure while meeting your budgetary needs.

Scalable Solutions to Improve Your Safety & Communications

We tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges to provide a safer environment for libraries or local government buildings.



We offer a comprehensive notification system that addresses your communication needs during a lockdown, active threat, or other emergency
situation. At the press of a button, local government buildings can automatically activate a lockdown during an emergency.



Video Surveillance for libraries and local government has many benefits in addition to protecting your students, faculty, and staff in an emergency. Our solution offers real-time monitoring of activity around your premises and keeps track of visitor comings and goings.


VoIP Business

We partner with Mitel to bring you a feature-rich, low maintenance phone system for your employees. Our team designs the infrastructure for
your VoIP phone system from the start to ensure that we can adapt the solution to your specific needs.


Wired/Wireless Networks
and Infrastructure

Connectivity is a necessity to improve library services and the daily operations of a local government. Our Cloud Wi-Fi and 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi wireless solutions provide the reliability, security, and flexibility you need.

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Contact Eastern DataComm today to create a customized,
scalable communications plan for your library or municipality.

In addition to government wireless solutions, Eastern DataComm supports agencies with emergency notification solutions, video surveillance technology, access control, VoIP business phone systems, and wired network infrastructure. Our process begins with a consultation geared towards addressing areas for improvement. At that time, we also highlight ways to enhance your communications and physical security technology so your systems are streamlined, effective, and working in unison to keep your buildings and grounds connected and protected.

Yes. Whether you’re looking for the best government wireless solutions, are enhancing your emergency notification system, or are upgrading your VoIP business system, we’re here to help. We take a diagnostic and consultative approach to addressing your government agency’s technology needs. Our solutions are completely customized to meet your business needs of today and to scale with you as those evolve over time. You never have to worry about using a cookie-cutter solution that misses the mark when it comes to your communications and physical security goals.

Yes. From your first phone call with our team and every interaction thereafter, we’re here to keep your buildings and grounds connected and protected. Our government wireless solutions coupled with other technology solutions like paging systems, access control systems, and video surveillance systems allow you to integrate a variety of technologies to address areas of potential vulnerability and provide comprehensive protection. Our team will aid in the design of technology solutions that are employed to create a robust safety and communications ecosystem, as well as assist with addressing support and maintenance needs as those arise. Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about our support services and maintenance programs.