Access Control Systems for Schools, Businesses & Municipalities

At Eastern DataComm, we address a range of customer physical security challenges by planning, installing, and maintaining cutting-edge Access Control systems.

What Is Access Control Technology?

Access Control Technology (also called Controlled Access) is an approach to security that allows a school, municipality, or a business to require credentials before an individual can access a building or an area within a building.

This technology also lets stakeholders know if those areas have been accessed in ways that indicate a potential security threat or breach.

The Common Security Challenges Our Customers Face

At Eastern DataComm, we’ve provided Access Control systems to clients to address a variety of challenges. Access control impacts key areas of building security.


Deciding Who and When Someone Can Access An Area

Whether you’re a school district, municipality, or business, with Eastern DataComm’s access control systems, you can control who can or cannot enter specific areas of your buildings. Our systems can be configured for different levels of access based on credentials. Additionally, you can permit or restrict access by specifications like time of day or day of the week.

Emergency Notification

Recognizing Potential Security Threats

Access control allows our customers to prevent and address unauthorized access to buildings by receiving indications of potential unauthorized entry.

Security Value of Access Control

The Security Value of Access Control

Access control is essential for any school district, municipality, or organization that desires to enhance the security of its buildings. Emergency access by police or other authorities, prevention of unauthorized use of a building, and the prevention of or response to active shooter incidents are just some of the issues that our customers address using our Access Control technology solutions.

How Eastern DataComm Addresses Security Issues with Technology Solutions

The team at Eastern DataComm provides technology solutions that address challenges with comprehensive access control planning, installation, and maintenance. Our Safety & Communications Advisors and Technicians customize solutions so that customers get systems tailored to their unique environment, vulnerabilities, and needs.

Headend Devices and Installation

Whether you need headend devices for your existing system, or you need an entirely new access control system, Eastern DataComm can help you gain control over your building security.

Headend devices are responsible for the management of your overall access control system (from swipe cards and readers to electronic door locks and requests to exit systems). They’re also the resource you’ll access when you want to change how a system operates.

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Swipe Card and Card Reader Technologies

Swipe card readers prevent unauthorized entrance by increasing security at entryways. Key fobs and readers provide authorized users with access to buildings and/or rooms within those buildings while preventing unwanted access.

Eastern DataComm provides new system installation that can incorporate some existing infrastructure so you have the best security solutions possible.

Request to Exit Systems (REX)

Eastern DataComm offers both motion detection that releases the door when it senses motion and an exit button that releases the door when pressed.

The same sort of system applies for button-activated REX systems, except the release of the lock is triggered by a button, not motion.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks, including door strikes and crash bars, permit one-way movement while preventing unauthorized access in the other direction. Crash bars can open with access control systems making them a customizable solution to access control and security challenges.

Door Strikes

The system can be tailored such that doors may permit entry and/or exit only when a key card is scanned or to allow free one-way traffic while preventing unauthorized access in the other direction, making a customizable solution to access control and security challenges.

Crash Bars

Crash bars are common in school and municipal buildings, among others. They can be activated and motorized to open with access control systems.

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On-Site In-Person Training and Project Management

Eastern DataComm provides on-site, in-person training while managing the project to ensure successful implementation.

Training covers everything from how to generate and program cards, to understanding notifications, to fully configuring the system.

Project management includes coordination with administrators, IT, locksmiths, primary users, and the Eastern DataComm team to ensure seamless delivery of the access control system.

Take Control of Physical Security on Your Campus

If you’re interested in exploring what access control can do for your organization’s physical security, contact Eastern DataComm for an Access Control Consultation.

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What is access control and why is it important for my business?

Access control systems allow your organization to require credentials prior to someone accessing your buildings or an area within your buildings. Access control systems also allow you to know when areas have been accessed in ways that may represent a potential security breach. These systems allow you to control the comings and goings within, into, and out of your buildings while integrating with systems like video surveillance and emergency notification to prevent and respond to emergencies or potential threats.

What types of access control systems does Eastern DataComm offer?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your access control systems. For example, access control systems for schools, business access control systems, and even those solutions implemented as part of campus access control systems, can vary greatly depending on the needs of the schools, municipalities, and businesses they serve. So, at Eastern DataComm we take a consultative approach to address your needs and help you reach your goals, and it all begins with a complimentary consultation which you can reserve here to get started.

How can an access control system improve my business operations?

Access control systems, especially business access control systems, have a variety of benefits for your daily business operations. These include efficiency improvements, ease of entry improvements, and the ability to use swipe card door access control systems for even faster access to restricted areas of your buildings or grounds. These access control systems provide you with the ability to recognize potential security threats, decide who has access to a particular area, and when to provide more comprehensive protection overall.

Can Eastern DataComm provide maintenance and support for my access control system?

When it comes to your access control systems, whether they are access control systems for your business, municipality, or school, they need to function continuously to be effective. So our Eastern DataComm team will provide you with maintenance and support to assure you stay connected and protected.

How can I get started with an access control system for my business?

We’d welcome the chance to help you design and implement an access control system for your school, business, or municipality. Whether you’re looking into swipe card door access control systems or are curious about the access control systems installation process, we’ll answer all your questions so you leave that conversation with confidence and peace of mind.

Eastern DataComm is an industry leader with decades of experience and our team takes a diagnostic and consultative approach to our work with each client.

This process begins with our initial consultation.

To reserve a complimentary Safety and Communications Consultation with our team, simply fill out this brief form.