The LENS Solution

Eastern DataComm has developed a comprehensive, automatic emergency notification system called LENS (Lockdown and Emergency Notification System) that fully addresses a school district or municipality’s communication needs during a lockdown, active threat, or other emergency events. At Eastern DataComm, we believe that how quickly you respond to an incident or active threat is what saves lives. Our team of experts has implemented the LENS solution at hundreds of K-12 schools and local municipalities throughout the Tri-State Area, ensuring that these buildings are safe and secure for daily operations.


How LENS Works

LENS is built to fully automate all the most common communications in the event of an emergency, such as a lockdown or building evacuation. During an active threat or emergency situation, it’s critical to quickly make the right decision and relay the correct information to the proper authorities. At the push of the button, you can notify everyone in the area of an emergency and begin proper lockdown protocols for your facility. LENS notifies everyone in the vicinity with an emergency call to desk phones and cell phones, emergency emails, and even an emergency text message. We designed LENS to be a comprehensive, accessible solution for all of your communication and emergency notification needs.



Immediately notify everyone on campus of an active threat or emergency at the touch of a single button. We designed our system to be user-friendly and accessible by anyone in the building. Our team will install Lockdown buttons in strategic locations throughout the building, ensuring ease of activation for emergency events.


Scalable, Integrated

LENS can integrate with other existing school or office communication technology, like paging systems and phone systems. Once installed, LENS
can scale with your facility as you continue to grow.



The core of the LENS solution is controller-based, eliminating the need to maintain servers, install software patches, and rely on your data network. Additionally, it operates on a battery backup, ensuring that LENS can still be activated if your network is down or your facility loses power.



Once activated, LENS automates the emergency notification process, eliminating the possibility of human error and simplifying the communications procedure. In addition to alerting the proper authorities, LENS will play a prerecorded announcement over the intercom system, activate LED sign boards, and trigger strobe lights.


Classroom/Office Phone

Once integrated with the existing phone system, LENS can be activated by dialing a code on the phone. This allows LENS to be activated from anywhere in the building, whether your phone system exists on-premise or cloud-based.

Why We Developed the LENS Solution

Eastern DataComm developed LENS as a comprehensive, automatic emergency notification system that fully addresses the communication needs of a school district, private organization, or local government building during a lockdown, active threat, or other events. With LENS, we have streamlined and simplified the communication processes with the touch of a single button to notify everyone of an active threat or emergency. The LENS technology is a flexible, scalable system that is designed to work within your budget and your existing infrastructure.

For a holistic approach to meet your safety and communication needs,
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