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8 Factors to Consider When Implementing a Cloud Phone System

In a previous post, we discussed why more organizations are moving their phone systems to the cloud and what to look for in a cloud phone system. More than cost savings, a cloud phone system offers more control and flexibility, simpler management, the ability to add or remove users and services as needed, access to […]

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The 8 Most-Asked Questions About Cloud Communications – Answered

81% of CIOs believe IT is entering a new era of customer-driven initiatives. Businesses are increasingly embracing cloud communications to craft better customer experiences. Some IT executives, failing to recognize the opportunities cloud solutions can bring to their businesses, are reluctant to adopt this new communications platform. Savvy CIOs view it as a key enabler […]

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Is It Time to Move Your Phone System to the Cloud?

Many organizations are using the cloud for some of their communications and collaboration tools. The cloud reduces or eliminates capital costs for on-premises hardware, offers more flexibility, shifts management and maintenance responsibilities to the cloud service provider, and allows you to pay as you go for what you need. Organizations are also moving their phone […]

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