Lockdown and Emergency Notification System by Eastern DataComm

Important School Safety

how to improve
school saftety beyond
Alyssa’s Law

JAnuary 28th

Join us for a School Safety webinar that explores why your school may not be as prepared as you think for a lockdown or active shooter event. We’ll demonstrate how the LENS (Lockdown & Emergency Notification System) solution meets Alyssa’s Law requirements.
See how you can leverage your existing communications technology (e.g. Phone System, Paging System, Cameras) to provide an overall effective and comprehensive solution.  And with new features, you’ll see why LENS is the top emergency notification solution on the market! Close to 100 schools districts in the Tri-State area have already installed LENS.
Who should attend?
• Superintendents
• Business Administrators
• Head of Security
• Principals
• Facilities Managers
• IT Managers
• School Board Members
• Anyone responsible for Safety & Communications for their district

What if your district already has LENS, should you attend?
Yes! We will be demonstrating new features and functionality that have improved the solution.


What if your district is already Alyssa’s Law compliant, should you attend?
Yes! The Alyssa’s Law requirement covers a small portion of what a school district needs to be prepared for a lockdown or active shooter event. This webinar will demonstrate why.

Please RSVP below (as we’re limited to 100 people).