Attend our Webinar
Improve School Safety & Communications

Why your PA system is not
prepared for a lockdown
(and how to fix it)!

February 25th, 1:00pm/EST

For most schools, their intercom/paging system is outdated and not functioning properly. It may have been installed twenty, thirty, or sometimes even fifty years ago, being fixed and repaired by different vendors under many school administrations. However, these systems are critical for sending out emergency notifications during lockdowns and other emergency events.
Join us for a webinar that will show you how to make smart investments in your current intercom/paging system to have it working like new without the cost of a complete rip-and-replace. We will show you how to tie it into other technologies to improve not only emergency notifications but day-to-day communications as well. Finally, we will go over when you should stick with traditional, analog systems and when an IP solution makes sense.
This webinar will be geared towards facilities managers, principals, superintendents, business administrators, IT managers, and anyone responsible for school safety.
Please RSVP below (as we’re limited to 100 people).