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7 Ways Unified Communications Benefits State and Local Government

Many government agencies at the state and local level still rely upon legacy phone systems or Centrex-type services leased from carriers. These older systems are difficult to manage, expensive to maintain, and lack many of the features of a modern communications platform. Designed when most workers sat at desks throughout the day, they are incapable […]

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How Communication and Automation Improve School and Office Safety

How Emergency Notification, Communication and Automation Improve School and Office Safety Recent tragedies involving violence at our schools and places of work have made safety a top-of-mind issue across the country. Many states, counties and municipalities have passed or are considering legislation that mandates increased security measures and greater cooperation between schools, law enforcement and […]

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Paying for Technology—4 Ways Schools Can Upgrade on a Tight Budget

We work with a lot of school districts and one challenge that almost always comes up is how can the school afford a technology upgrade? Unfortunately many of these purchases are rather expensive: upgrading the data network, upgrading and increasing the wireless network, replacing a legacy business phone system, etc. To make matters worse, schools […]

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