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What Teachers need to do in an emergency lockdown

Your worst nightmare is here. You’ve heard an alarm, there is an intruder in your school. Do you know what to do in a school emergency lockdown?

An emergency lockdown is used when a threat or incident occurs on the school premises. When a lockdown takes place, teachers must act quickly, and undertake tried and tested procedures and precautions to ensure a safe school environment for students.

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5 Ways to Improve Schools Safety

School safety is an ongoing and complicated issue for many schools in the US, whether you’re an educator, administrator, student or visitor, a school environment must always be safe, and schools must do everything in their power to prevent intruders and other potential dangers. It’s a school’s responsibility to build a positive and safe climate […]

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How to Protect Schools from Intruders

Every school has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for students and educators. School is more than just a place to prepare you for a job, it’s a place for students to grow, interact with others, develop their skills, and get a real education. It’s for this reason schools must provide a safe working and learning environment for students, to help them achieve their best academically and develop socially. One of the many responsibilities of schools is to take the necessary preventative measures and protocols to protect students from intruders by implementing an efficient safety plan. Here are some ways your school can protect students and educators from potential dangers like intruders. […]

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Eastern DataComm New Website Launched

EDC Website Blog Images

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at to see the new website. After four months of work and commitment, we are delighted to reveal our new website officially on March 23, 2021. We wanted to make the new website user-friendly, easy to navigate and align with […]

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The Role of Technology in K-12 School Safety

Years ago, K-12 students had fire drills and “say no to drugs” programs. Some school districts also had students practice using emergency exits on buses. Today, there are lockdown drills to protect students against shooters and terrorists. There are extensive programs about bullying, sexual assault and weapons. Although serious violence is relatively rare, most schools […]

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Helping School Administrators Stay Connected on the Go

K-12 and higher education school administrators have become just as mobile as the learning environments in their schools. Administrators are constantly visiting classrooms and buildings, meeting with parents and teachers, attending professional development workshops, and collaborating with fellow education professionals. Administration is no more tied to a desk than a child’s education is. And like […]

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Why Multiple Modes of Communication Are Critical for Emergency Notification

In a crisis, seconds count. Panic and confusion can be deadly. Everyone vulnerable to danger must be alerted as quickly as possible, and advised whether to lockdown, shelter in place or evacuate. That’s one of the takeaways from the New Jersey School Security Task Force Report and Recommendations, published in July 2015. The result of […]

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7 Ways Unified Communications Benefits State and Local Government

Many government agencies at the state and local level still rely upon legacy phone systems or Centrex-type services leased from carriers. These older systems are difficult to manage, expensive to maintain, and lack many of the features of a modern communications platform. Designed when most workers sat at desks throughout the day, they are incapable […]

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How Communication and Automation Improve School and Office Safety

How Emergency Notification, Communication and Automation Improve School and Office Safety Recent tragedies involving violence at our schools and places of work have made safety a top-of-mind issue across the country. Many states, counties and municipalities have passed or are considering legislation that mandates increased security measures and greater cooperation between schools, law enforcement and […]

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