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Selecting Your Emergency Notification System: What Sets LENS + OPTICS Apart

Children and teacher in a school protected by an emergency notification system

There are an overwhelming number of emergency notification options available to potentially enhance the physical security of schools and districts. From tech companies offering text-alert systems, to service partners offering “one size fits all” packages, to vendors that advertise the chance to build your own system by purchasing components piece by piece. After reviewing the […]

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Empowering Schools With Insight That Helps Protect Their Communities

Empowering School Districts

With the Parkland school shooting trial making headlines and the memory of the recent Uvalde, Texas, shooting in mind, there’s no more pressing a time than now to focus on school district campus-wide safety protocols. At Eastern DataComm, we’re as committed as ever to empowering school districts across the country to take proactive steps in […]

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