Deconstructing Uvalde: Leveraging Technology for Safer Schools

Deconstructing Uvalde: Leveraging Technology for Safer Schools

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Eastern DataComm, in partnership with industry leaders Aruba and Mitel, brings you this complimentary educational workshop designed to assist school leaders in understanding the unique needs of their school community, along with the technology solutions they can leverage to create safer school environments for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

This educational experience details the critical lessons that administrators and stakeholders can garner from the recent Uvalde school shooting tragedy, including the value of comprehensive, multimodal, integrated technology approaches to school safety. Presenters will illustrate the vital nature of total coverage in buildings and on grounds, and the essential elements that comprise a robust school safety ecosystem.

Practical, actionable examples walk seminar participants through the crucial role that emergency notification solutions, phone and paging systems, access control, and video surveillance play when it comes to responding quickly and effectively to an emergency.