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Your Business Faces Safety and Security Challenges Each Day

Are you one of more than 55% of small businesses that told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that they’ve been a victim of theft in the past year? Have you decided to proactively protect and grow your business with a video surveillance solution that addresses your needs before you become part of that statistic? Eastern DataComm is here to help.

Business Video Surveillance Systems

How Video Surveillance Systems Keep Your
Business Connected and Protected

From keeping you compliant with applicable laws to deterring theft to enhancing your profitability and productivity,
technology solutions like video surveillance provide abundant benefits.

Video Surveillance systems create a wealth of opportunities for you to grow and scale your business,
protecting you from threats as you focus on achieving your goals.

Increases Your Team’s Productivity

According to world-renowned information technology company CDW, enhanced video surveillance allows you to boost not only your security but your overall efficiency and productivity as well. How so? Consider that you can monitor your team’s progress as well as the day-to-day traffic in your buildings and on your grounds. You can also track related behaviors that impact workplace productivity that take place throughout the year. Leveraging video surveillance allows you to begin to develop metrics that can be measured and evaluated. Using evidence-based data you gather from your video surveillance system can help you course correct, streamline, and improve your operations to get you to the business goals you’re looking to achieve.

Deter Theft and Protect Yourself Legally

The most widely recognized reason businesses rely on video surveillance is to deter legal threats and prevent opportunities for theft. Utilizing video surveillance systems helps to create a safer work environment. They can assist business owners in avoiding needless lawsuits while reducing insurance liability. Furthermore, these systems provide an invaluable resource to police and emergency responders who need visual evidence in cases of crime or emergency. Having adequate records in case there is any legal action you need to contend with in the future is another example of how video surveillance allows you to proactively care for your business.

Maintain Compliance with Applicable Laws

The right video surveillance solution improves your ability to maintain compliance with any applicable state, local, or even federal laws or regulations that apply to your business. From HIPPA to SEC regulations and even the latest federal regulations regarding HikVision cameras themselves, the risks and potential negative impacts from non-compliance are simply ones that should be avoided by all means necessary.

Increase Revenue by Understanding Customer Behavior

There is also a very compelling business case for the use of video surveillance on your campus. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the usage of video surveillance footage and data allowed for increased revenue by businesses that used this information to enhance their understanding of customer behavior. This might mean discerning what areas of your storefront are most often frequented, which employees engage with customers most often, or how to boost conversions or your in-office experience.

Improve the Way You Do Business

Video surveillance solutions do more than deter crime: They can improve the way your business runs. You can analyze your recordings to review and improve your workflows and workplace safety. Share your findings with staff to get them on the same page with those changes, facilitating faster procedural implementation and adoption.

Enhance Your Peace of Mind

Of course, video surveillance systems for businesses provide comfort to users, allowing them to rest easy. From getting to know your staff and customer habits to preventing theft, you’ll have a 24/7 record of what’s going on with your business inside and out.

Choose the Video Surveillance Solution That’s Right for Your Business

When you choose a premises-based solution for your business’s video surveillance system, you receive on-site network video recorders that are personalized to fit your needs. These include a vast catalog of high-quality cameras and easy-to-navigate software with innovative features (including motion search and people/vehicle analytics).

Cloud-based video surveillance systems for business provide a wealth of benefits and no on-site NVRs to manage or maintain. Customers who choose this option enjoy enterprise-grade features, real-time footage, and on-demand analytics.

Obtaining and installing a video surveillance solution for your business can help to ensure that your organization is connected and protected 24/7. Whether you’re preventing vandalism, theft, break-ins, or other issues on your premises, the added security, the ability to support police and legal investigations, and the general peace of mind you receive from the video surveillance system cannot be overstated.

Video surveillance systems facilitate your ability to streamline daily operations, improve sales and marketing processes, and prevent theft and employee turnover. This is because you’ll have the ability to access real-time information about the daily activities going on within your buildings and on your grounds. Through reviewing past recordings, you can evaluate productivity and make actionable policy and procedural changes to enhance operations.

Monitoring these videos will allow you to learn the habits of customers and staff to garner vital data you can use to make changes and improvements, respond to urgent events, and keep your business moving forward. Responding to each of these common business challenges can impact your business’s revenue in the short and long term, keeping you ahead of the competition when it matters most.

Absolutely. When you can respond to the behaviors and needs of your staff more proactively, you can help your team to understand your expectations of them. This assists leadership teams with setting the tone for their workplace conduct.

In the same way, effective video surveillance also ensures on-the-job security as well. It fosters a caring and secure work environment that conveys to your team that their personal safety is of the utmost importance.

A volume of options for selecting the right video surveillance solution exist. The best way to choose the right one for your business is to work with a trusted vendor partner like Eastern DataComm. This will ensure that you implement a solution that is tailored to your unique needs.

In light of recent government regulations, it’s more important than ever that you consider compliance requirements that extend to your video surveillance system. As you evaluate the steps your business must take to comply with laws like the National Defence Authorization Act, you’ll need to ensure that your video surveillance solutions meet the necessary expectations. If you’re unsure, you can reach out to Eastern DataComm for assistance.

Video surveillance plays a major role in deterring theft and protecting your business from a legal standpoint. When it comes to deterring theft, sometimes the mere presence of a video surveillance system can act as a deterrent.

But beyond that, an active surveillance system can provide helpful information to both you as the business leader and to law enforcement regarding activity within your business’s buildings and on your grounds. Alerts can help you to behave proactively to prevent theft before it happens or to respond in the event of an active threat.

And when it comes to protecting your business legally, having video surveillance evidence can help you to take legal action should you be involved in any court case related to events on your property.

Harness the Power of Video Surveillance for Your Business

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