Is Your Campus’ Phone System Compliant with New 911 Laws?

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Is Your Campus’ Phone System Compliant with New 911 Laws?

Join Us in Partnership with Mitel for Our Latest Live Educational Webinar

We invite you to virtually attend our latest educational webinar on enhancing school safety technology while complying with recent FCC regulations regarding emergency phone communication requirements.

We’ve partnered with Mitel, an industry leader in telecommunications, to offer you a thorough and informative presentation that dives deep into the ways that phone systems and Eastern DataComm’s own Lockdown and Emergency Notification System (LENS) more effectively ensure the safety of your school district’s students, faculty, and staff.

We’ll be reviewing the recent FCC regulations regarding how multiline phone systems (like those typically used within a school district) must function in an emergency to ensure rapid response when every second counts.

You’ll leave the webinar feeling confident in your ability to better safeguard your school community by leveraging communications technologies that quickly communicate a threat in emergency situations like lockdowns or active shooter events.

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