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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Our Seminars

In light of the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, our Eastern DataComm team has structured our latest seminar around addressing the issues that led to the tragedy that the school community experienced. 

And we did not offer this perspective as a way to point fingers or lay blame. Instead, we did so to underscore how, without a keen understanding of the various systems that should be in place to help address an active shooter incident like Uvalde, those devastating events could continue to occur at any school in our country. 

In this month’s blog, we’re sharing the top five reasons school administrators should attend our live educational March 2023 School Safety Seminars taking place in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. We’re offering a look at the benefits attendees can expect from the experience.

School Safety Seminars Eastern DataComm

Reason 1: Discover How Emergency Notification System Knowledge Can Save Lives

Eastern DataComm is perhaps best known for its proprietary Lockdown and Emergency Notification System and continuous monitoring solution (LENS + OPTICS). The system allows you to immediately alert all those in your buildings and on your grounds, as well as first responders, during an urgent situation like an active shooter event. At the push of a button, schools can initiate a lockdown, evacuation, or shelter-in-place response.

When we welcome attendees to our seminars, one of the topics we address is how best to enhance school and district emergency response technology solutions. This means that all attendees, whether they currently use an app as their notification method or have already adopted a holistic approach to emergency preparedness, have the chance to deepen their understanding of cutting-edge technologies that can help save lives.

Reason 2: Get Personalized Answers to Your Most Critical Questions about Technology That Protects Your School District Buildings and Grounds

When we ask previous seminar attendees about their most useful takeaways from our events, their ‘aha’ moments typically occur when our presenters enumerate practical tips for school safety that they can use in real life. And, more often than not, attendees also thank us because our Q&A period allows us to answer questions specific to their own school community.

In fact, the question-and-answer portion of our presentations is designed to give our attendees this valuable opportunity to apply what we explore during our seminars to the needs of their districts and individual school communities. The result is that our attendees return to those schools and districts with practical approaches. These insights help guide the way they enhance their campus safety and physical security.

Because we value the relationships we create at these seminars, we welcome attendees to reach out for answers to their future questions as they arise. 

Reason 3: Connecting with Other School Administrators Dedicated to Their School’s Safety

In addition to getting answers to critical questions, when you attend our live in-person seminars, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other school and district leaders in your area. These professionals share your commitment to safeguarding students, staff, and visitors, and the connections you create can foster a wider community focused on safety and physical security.

Not only will you be able to begin conversations with these district administrators, but you’ll also have the chance to see the steps they’re taking to protect and connect their communities, insight that just might spark some new and innovative ideas of your own.

Reason 4: Learning How to Integrate Solutions Like VoIP Phone Systems, Access Control, and Video Surveillance to Augment Your District’s Emergency Notification and Response

Our seminars provide attendees with a memorable overview of how school safety and communication technologies can be integrated to take school security to the next level. 

At Eastern DataComm, our 35 years of experience have shown us that a single-solution approach to emergency notification is simply not enough. 

What schools and districts truly need to provide for the safety of their teachers, staff, students, and visitors is a holistic, comprehensive approach to school safety. Such a solution includes the integration of technologies like VoIP phone systems, video surveillance systems, access control, and a variety of notification approaches. The goal for such integration is to provide total technology coverage across buildings and grounds and to remove or reduce the chance of human error across the school safety ecosystem when every second counts.

Whether a school community has expansive grounds like one of our New Jersey School District clients or unique populations like St. Joseph’s School for the Blind, our Eastern DataComm team is experienced in offering insight into how best to integrate solutions to address each school or district’s unique emergency notification needs.

Reason 5: Gaining Insight to Enhance the Safety and Security of Your School Community

Perhaps the best reason to attend one of our seminars is the most obvious: Attendees give themselves an advantage when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of their school communities.

As our country continues to struggle with a series of tragedies relating to violence on school campuses near and far, school officials who seek proactive education and practical approaches to school emergency prevention, notification, and response will have the best chance to stop the devastating consequences of such events before they happen.

So, there is immense value in equipping yourself and your school administrative team with the knowledge and strategies you learn at our seminars.

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