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5 Can’t-Miss Grant Opportunities to Fund School Safety Improvements

School Safety Improvement Fund

Did you know that there are a variety of funding resources to improve your school’s safety technology?  In fact, after the Parkland Florida tragedy in 2018, the government instituted a 1-billion dollars in spending over 10 years dedicated to improving school safety. Now schools are beginning to utilize that funding in earnest. And in order […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Our Seminars

In light of the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, our Eastern DataComm team has structured our latest seminar around addressing the issues that led to the tragedy that the school community experienced.  And we did not offer this perspective as a way to point fingers or lay blame. Instead, we did so to underscore […]

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The Benefits of Enhancing Your District’s Comprehensive School Safety Ecosystem with Video Surveillance and Access Control

A truly tragic and unfortunate truth is that the number of school shootings across the country continues to rise. Now, more than ever, it is incredibly important to consider ways to ensure greater security of our school district buildings and grounds, including video surveillance and access control systems. At Eastern DataComm, our proprietary Lockdown and […]

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Selecting Your Emergency Notification System: What Sets LENS + OPTICS Apart

Children and teacher in a school protected by an emergency notification system

There are an overwhelming number of emergency notification options available to potentially enhance the physical security of schools and districts. From tech companies offering text-alert systems, to service partners offering “one size fits all” packages, to vendors that advertise the chance to build your own system by purchasing components piece by piece. After reviewing the […]

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Empowering Schools With Insight That Helps Protect Their Communities

Empowering School Districts

With the Parkland school shooting trial making headlines and the memory of the recent Uvalde, Texas, shooting in mind, there’s no more pressing a time than now to focus on school district campus-wide safety protocols. At Eastern DataComm, we’re as committed as ever to empowering school districts across the country to take proactive steps in […]

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Technology and the School Safety Ecosystem: Fostering Safer Schools

Emergency Notification System

There are a variety of channels that encompass the ‘safety ecosystem’ in schools. School safety and police officers, training, threat assessment, procedures and protocols for emergencies, compliance, and technology infrastructure essentials like emergency notification systems, video surveillance, and access control systems can all play a vital role in keeping schools and districts safe before, during, […]

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Is Your School District’s Phone System Compliant With New FCC Regulations?

FCC Regulations

In light of two recent federal laws strengthening the effectiveness of emergency calls, many schools are taking a more critical look at their multiline telephone systems. Today, we’re sharing some of the key aspects of these two laws and an opportunity to better understand their impact while implementing changes that help ensure the safety and […]

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