Top 5 Safety and Communications Tech Tips to Prep for 2024

A Year in Review – Top 5 Safety and Communications Tech Tips to Prep for 2024

How are you preparing for 2024?

As 2023 comes to a close, our team at Eastern DataComm is reflecting on the evolution of safety and communications tech tips over the last year. As we wrap up our 35th year in business, we can say wholeheartedly that it has and continues to be our pleasure to provide educational resources and outstanding technology solutions to help our customers keep their school, business, and municipal communities connected and protected.

We know that as communication needs evolve, it is imperative to routinely enhance your safety ecosystem. And this year we’ve shared so much insight that it may be a bit overwhelming to examine all of our written and video content in one sitting.

So, in that spirit, today we’re sharing the top five safety and communications tech tips to help you prepare for 2024.

Let’s get to it!

Safety and Communications Tech Tips

#1: Explore Potential Technology Integrations to Reduce Potential Human Error

While training, rehearsal, and drills help all parties involved in a lockdown or emergency to respond more effectively, there are some variables we simply cannot control – especially when emotions are heightened.

So, our first suggestion is to reduce human error whenever possible. One way to do that is to integrate your technology solutions so that they work together with minimal human intervention.

In addition to updating older technologies, reducing time delays in existing systems, and ensuring that your communication systems are crystal clear, reducing the chance for human error through technology integration provides added peace of mind when time is of the essence.

The addition of systems like access control, video surveillance, and emergency notification can work in unison with your paging, bell, and clock systems as well as VoIP phones to allow for fluid daily communication and seamless message delivery in the event of an emergency.

#2: Stay Informed of Safety and Communications Best Practices

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest safety and communications best practices?

While there are many ways to make this a priority, one path is through accessing helpful resources.

We suggest that you make a practice of setting aside time to identify resources like seminars, webinars, and technology partners where you can get answers to your questions when you need them most.

Whether this insight comes from consultations with tech professionals or lessons learned from resources they provide, this expert insight is immensely valuable because it will leave you feeling confident that you’re doing all you can to secure your buildings and grounds.

To make this process an easier one, stay tuned to our Eastern DataComm social media channels where we provide access to the educational resources decision makers rely upon when outfitting their communities with safety and communications technology.

#3: Implement a Holistic Approach to Safety So You Have All of Your Bases Covered

At Eastern DataComm, one of the best suggestions we can offer is to take a comprehensive or holistic approach to keeping your school district, business, or municipality connected and protected.

Whether you’re exploring the benefits of video surveillance or ready to upgrade your access control system, our team has you covered.

We’ve shared the many benefits of having a video surveillance system and how that system can be coupled with your access control system to further enhance your safety ecosystem. And each time we do so, our goal is the same: Help you cover all your bases when every second counts.

So the tip here is simple: Don’t rely on a single system (or one mode of communication) to ensure the safety of your community. Instead, take a holistic approach to how you keep your buildings and grounds secure. This comprehensive perspective, one that examines covering your entire campus and includes multiple communications modalities will best serve you in the long run. Not only will you be able to share messaging everywhere within your buildings and on your grounds, but you can also communicate with everyone – regardless of sensory ability.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this holistic approach can’t be fully quantified though. And that benefit is peace of mind.

holistic approach for school district, business, or municipality safety

#4: Consult with Experts to Identify Potential Funding Sources

One of the most common questions we heard this year was, “This all sounds perfect for our school. But how can we secure funding for it?”

And that’s a very real concern for many school, business, and municipal communities across the country.

So, we suggest consulting with a technology partner who has the insight and experience to help you answer that question.

It’s certainly essential to understand that grants are available to fund your school safety upgrades, of course. But it’s equally important to understand how to access these funding sources.

And that’s why working with a technology partner who acts as more than just a reliable vendor is so powerful: You can find ways to make your safety and security goals more attainable and sustainable.

#5: Get Staff and Stakeholders Involved in Your Emergency Response Preparation Whenever Possible

One of the most important tips we can share is this: You don’t need to go it alone.

You have enough on your plate as you move through the busy year. And there’s so much information to sort through when it comes to exploring technology solutions to enhance your safety ecosystem.

So what’s the best path forward?

We strongly suggest creating partnerships with local emergency first responders and police as well as the community at large. And if you already have those partnerships forged, continue to enhance them through regular contact and open dialogue.

This is part of what fosters a more comprehensive safety ecosystem in the first place. And, when you get administrators, educators, and staff involved, you stand a greater chance of keeping everyone in your buildings and on your grounds safe.

Eastern DataComm: Your Safety and Communication Technology Partner

While these are the key tips we’ve chosen to close out 2023 and get 2024 off on the right foot, this list is by no means exhaustive.

So, from webinars to in-person seminars and complimentary consultations, we’re going to keep giving you the expert insight you need to secure your campus.

Stay Connected and Protected in the New Year

As you prepare for 2024, we invite you to partner with our Eastern DataComm team to create a safer school, government, or business community that’s connected and protected.
You can contact us here to get started.

… Because when it comes to safety, we’re all in this together.