The 2024 Ed Tech Grant Opportunity Update

The 2024 Ed Tech Grant Opportunity Update

At Eastern DataComm, we’re passionate about keeping your school communities connected and protected. As your vendor partner, we’re no strangers to the reality that the physical security technology solutions that make that safety possible require financial investments and strategic budgeting.

That’s why this month we’re highlighting available grant opportunities to address your safety and physical security challenges. Importantly, one such funding source issued by the United States government addresses an emerging threat: non-compliant video surveillance technology. Read on to learn more about grant opportunities for which your organization may qualify.

Revisiting Eastern DataComm Articles Regarding School Safety and Communication Funding Resources

Before we introduce the latest safety and security challenges facing schools and other organizations across the country, we wanted to remind you that each year, Eastern DataComm shares resources regarding funding opportunities to help you make your school’s next communications or security solution project possible. Here are two of our most recent blogs on the topic, including what you can expect to find by reviewing the pieces themselves.

2024 Ed Tech Grant Opportunities

Ten 2023–2024 Funding Opportunities & Educational Resources for School Safety & Communications Technologies

In Ten 2023–2024 Funding Opportunities & Educational Resources for School Safety & Communications Technologies, we share financial opportunities for those in Virginia, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

We also include a link to the nationally available grant finder tool that schools across the U.S. can use to search for financial support that may be applicable to the projects they’d like to make possible in their learning communities. This grant finder tool is easily accessible, simple to navigate, and even allows users to discern how much time they have to dedicate to completing a grant application. Even if you do not yet have a grant writer on your staff or on contract, you can begin to apply for grants at your convenience.

This article is proof positive that sourcing funding for improvements to physical and technology infrastructure to provide for school safety improvements is possible.

2023–2024 Funding Opportunities

5 Can’t-Miss Grant Opportunities to Fund School Safety Improvements

In 5 Can’t-Miss Grant Opportunities to Fund School Safety Improvements, we not only share grant opportunities that can help you fund your school safety improvements if you live in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, but also how to go about applying for these opportunities in those states.

The purpose of sharing these opportunities alongside the steps to apply for them is to facilitate an easier application process. Eastern DataComm believes that funding should not be an obstacle to creating safer, more secure, and more connected school communities. Not only can our team help point you to the right grant opportunities, but through our network of industry partners, we can also refer you to expert grant writers who can help you navigate and complete the grant application process.

We believe that more secure learning communities with clear and effective communication are better prepared for emergencies and better able to facilitate daily learning. When we work with our school and district partners, we do our best to help them find the funding they need for the projects that will best address their needs, keeping their communities connected and protected.

5 Can’t-Miss Grant Opportunities for School Safety

Eastern DataComm: Addressing Cutting-Edge Security Needs

Keeping our finger on the pulse of the challenges our school, business, and government agency customers face, we feel it necessary and important to share with our readers a recent security and compliance challenge that is still evolving.

In an effort to keep all of our customers informed as we do our part to ensure their communications and safety solutions, we’ve consolidated the details below to help you assess whether or not your community may be at risk for a non-compliance issue that can have a significant impact on the safety of your organization.

As more information regarding the technology issues, compliance requirements, and funding opportunities becomes available, we will continue to share with our audience relevant insight that leads to proactive correction. Read on to learn more about this increasingly pressing issue.

A Critical Video Surveillance Safety Challenge in 2024

The United States government has prohibited specific telecommunications equipment produced by particular companies. Namely, Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation, HiSilicon Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, Dahua Technology Company, or any subsidiary of these organizations. The equipment is prohibited from being used for public safety, government facility security, physical security surveillance of critical infrastructure, or as covered equipment under Section 889.

The inclusion of HiSilicon is of vital importance as this means that the prohibition includes not only video surveillance cameras and recorders, but also the Systems on a Chip (SOC) which are the core or ‘brain’ of the camera itself.

The ban covers new, old, and existing contracts. In sum, the government’s ban covers a multitude of devices and video surveillance solutions, making their swift and immediate removal mandatory.

Funding for Non-Compliant Video Surveillance Technology

Funding to Rip & Replace Non-Compliant Video Surveillance Technology

This safety challenge is a relatively recent discovery. The full understanding of the reach and magnitude of this threat is still evolving. But the good news, funding sources to rip and replace non-compliant technology are now becoming available. The first major federal funding to address this issue is from FEMA.

As the issue is so widespread, the process of addressing, removing, revamping, and replacing video surveillance systems across the nation will take quite some time. It will, no doubt, occur over years. To accomplish the planning, selection of compliant equipment, completion of a labor-intensive removal of non-compliant technology, and installation of an approved surveillance system requires a systematic approach. And so, FEMA’s plan places priority on high-risk locations to provide the greatest level of safety and security possible for communities facing this threat.

This non-compliance issue is incredibly layered. There are also a myriad of considerations beyond physical security, including data and cybersecurity: the safety of critical infrastructure and online information that could fall into the wrong hands.

Through a process of planning, funding, and action, the replacement of these video surveillance systems will provide for greater security. The funding provided by FEMA will help schools and other organizations make that process possible.

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In next month’s blog, we’ll share more details on the regulations, best practices, and challenges that Hikvision and related video surveillance systems present to schools, businesses, and government organizations regarding their safety and security.

In the meantime, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your best course of action in addressing your organization’s physical security and communications projects.

Our team is uniquely qualified to refer to independent consultants and grant writers to assist with securing funding projects. We’ll work with you to ensure that you and all those you are charged with protecting remain safe and secure.

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