Little Ferry Security Services

At Eastern Datacomm, we provide safety and security solutions tailored to your Little Ferry needs. We specialize in communication and safety services such as VoIP solutions, video surveillance, access control, wireless networking, network security, structured wiring, and emergency notification systems.

Little Ferry security services

Founded in 1988, we serve clients globally in both the private and public sectors. We specialize in serving the education, business, and government spaces.

Our scalable solutions come from a company that prizes competency and technical expertise. With a combined experience of 200 years, our team of professionals are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to any communication or safety challenge you may encounter in Little Ferry.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Emergency Notification: Eastern Datacomm has created an automatic emergency notification system called LENS (Lockdown and Emergency Notification Service). This system is a complete communication solution for lockdowns, active threats, or other emergency events. It has been implemented in hundreds of K-12 schools throughout the tri-state area.

Video Surveillance: Our elevated video surveillance solutions offer optimized security to you and your business for safety and peace of mind.

VoIP Phone Systems: This efficient, cost-efficient phone system solution optimized communication through school systems. The integrated phone system facilitates improved communication both on a daily basis and in the event of an emergency. We have been a Mitel Gold Partner for 15 years.

Cloud Solutions: Our cloud-based communication solutions allow you to optimize your collaboration and productivity while reducing overall data costs. Perfect for remote workers, the cloud communication system can be accessed from any location.

Paging, Bells, and Clocks: Our synchronized time solutions align school bells with clocks so that scheduling is always accurate. With paging and intercom solutions as well as customized alerts, our bell schedule is only one piece of the complete solution.

Wired/Wireless Networks and Infrastructure: Our infrastructure solutions ensure that all school visitors, students, and employees have access to functional cell service. Our cable management and building wiring allows for seamless communication and data exchange throughout the school.