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Eastern DataComm Acquires OSI Technology: Benefits Our Customers Can Anticipate

Eastern DataComm is excited to share that on April 15th, 2024, we acquired OSI Technology. As we welcome our new team members aboard, we want to share a bit about OSI Technology. Below, you can read more about the ways in which we anticipate their addition to our Eastern DataComm team benefits you, our customers, today and in the years to come.

OSI Technology’s History

Similar to Eastern DataComm, OSI Technology has a history of serving businesses, schools, and municipalities. They also have provided tech solutions to customers in the retail, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Through 42 years of dedication serving customers across these industries, they have sharpened their expertise in providing leading-edge tech solutions that are the right fit for the organizations who’ve utilized their services. In fact, they were one of the first AT&T dealers in the nation, and since then have continued to provide the best-in-brand technological options to their customers.

Their expertise in data and telephone systems is the foundation from which they grew their portfolio of safety and communications solutions offerings. The team has extensive experience integrating voice, wireless access, access security, contact centers, video, carrier services, software applications, disaster recovery, video solutions, cloud solutions, and networking technologies in service to fit the needs of their clients.

With this acquisition, Eastern DataComm honors the deeply-rooted history and reputation for excellence that OSI Technology has built over the decades. Our team shares their passion for supporting clients with cutting edge technology and is excited to bring their expertise to the customers we serve.

Physical Security Solutions

A Passion for Cloud, Voice, and Physical Security Solutions

Another exciting benefit customers can anticipate is the safety and communications ecosystem expertise the OSI Technology team brings to the table. Many of the offerings OSI Technology has provided over the years mirror ours at Eastern DataComm, including cloud, physical security, and voice solutions. The great news? Even more resources and subject matter experts will be at the fingertips of our customers!

This means that when customers are looking to select new VoIP phone systems, video surveillance solutions, access control systems, or other solutions, they’ll enjoy an even greater wealth of knowledge and support backed by decades of experience that they’ve come to expect from both OSI Technology and Eastern DataComm teams.

Experience in a Variety of Industries

OSI Technology has developed a strong technical expertise and robust network of contacts serving government and municipal entities. This expertise augments Eastern DataComm’s experience serving customers in this space. The talents brought by the OSI Technology team serve as an asset that will allow us to better serve all of our customers today and into the future.

Whether you’re a government organization looking to secure your proprietary data, a business looking to grow your communications infrastructure, or a school district ready to secure your buildings and grounds, this acquisition and resulting expansion of skills cements Eastern DataComm’s commitment to providing the best resources to help you, our valued customers, stay connected and protected.

A Shared Desire for Strong, Lasting Partnerships

Our Eastern DataComm team couldn’t be more ecstatic about this acquisition for this last, but extremely important point: Both organizations share a desire to foster strong partnerships. OSI Technology’s team has cultivated key relationships with manufacturers like Aruba, Mitel, and Verkada. In fact, in 2023, the OSI Technology team garnered the elite Diamond Partner status with Verkada, a manufacturing leader in video surveillance technology.

As your trusted vendor partner for integrated, holistic video surveillance solutions, Eastern DataComm strengthened our team’s existing partnerships as a result of this acquisition. We’re eager to deepen our relationships with these industry-leading manufacturers and other key partners as we continue to grow the portfolio of products and services we supply to our customers.

The Future Is Bright for OSI Technology Customers as They Join the Eastern DataComm Fold

The acquisition of OSI Technology by Eastern Datacomm is a mutually beneficial experience for both organizations. However, those that stand to benefit the most are the customers of both organizations.

“The combination of communication solutions, people, and skills honed over decades of service in New Jersey’s public and private sectors is great news for all: Uniting the organizations under the Eastern DataComm umbrella allows us to deliver what our customers are asking for – more flagship manufacturer brands, cutting-edge products, and end-to-end deployments engineered to the highest standards. The OSI team is excited about the opportunities to enhance safety and communications technology resources for those we serve as a result of this acquisition,” shared Joanne Pagoulatos, President of OSI Technology.

“OSI Technology brings over 42 years of industry experience with strong proficiency in video surveillance as well as other communications technology platforms. They boast a meaningful presence in the K–12 space in New Jersey, as well as with businesses and municipalities that will undoubtedly increase the exposure of our solutions to decision-makers and administrators throughout the state and beyond,” says Al Harnisch, CEO of Eastern DataComm.

The entire team couldn’t agree more with these sentiments!

Stronger Together: Eastern DataComm, OSI Technology, and You.

For additional details, you’ll find the press release detailing the Eastern DataComm acquisition of OSI Technology here.

And if you’d like to learn more about how our newly expanded organization can support your government agency, business, or school to stay connected and protected, contact us for a Complimentary Safety & Communications Tech Consultation.